Descendants of Chad Brown

From the History
of the
Town of Stonington

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This is all the information that I have on this family, this is not my family. For my family see the decendents of Peter Brown.


Generation No. 1
1. CHAD1 BROWN was born in England. He married ELIZABETH in England.

Notes on Rev., Chad Brown

Rev. CHAD BROWN, not related so far as known to the three Brown Broothers of Lynn, Mass., came as we learn from his deposition to New England with his wife Elizabeth _______ , and their son John, in the good ship Martin, and landed in Boston, Mass., in the year 1638. He located himself and family in Salem, Mass., where he did not long reside. Enteringreligious and political sentiment in sympaithy with Roger Williams, he went to reside with him in Providence, R. I. Mr. Brown soon rose to prominence in Providence Plantation, where he merited and enjoyed the confidence of his fellow townsmen to an unlimited extent, recieving some of the highest positions of honorand truust in theit power bestow upon him. Having previiously studied for the ministry, he was called to be the pastorate of the First Baptist Church of Providence, where he was ordained in 1642 as the first settled minister of that church, (a disputed point by some, who claim that Roger Williams was the first minister of that church). Be that as it may, it is very evident that their labors with and for the church were harmonious ans their ministry may have been an idea, dual, coadjuting pastorate.

Children of Chad Brown and Elizabeth are:

Generation No. 2

2. JAMES2 BROWN (CHAD1) was born in England, and died 1683. He married ELIZABETH CARR.

Children of James Brown and Elizabeth Carr are:

3. JEREMIAH2 BROWN (CHAD1) was born in England, and died 1690. He married (1) MARY GARDNER. He married (2) MARY COOK.

Children of Jeremiah Brown are:

4. DANIEL2 BROWN (CHAD1). He married ALICE HEARNDON December 25, 1669.

Children of Daniel Brown and Alice Hearndon are:

5. JOHN2 BROWN (CHAD1) was born 1630 in England, and died 1706. He married MARY HOLMES 1659, daughter of Obadiah Holmes and Catharine.

Children of John Brown and Mary Holmes are:

Generation No. 3

6. JAMES3 BROWN (JAMES2, CHAD1) died 1756. He married (1) ANN CLARKE. He married (2) CATHARINE GREEN April 27, 1740.

Children of James Brown and Ann Clarke are:

7. JOHN3 BROWN (JAMES2, CHAD1) was born 1671, and died October 20, 1731. He married ELIZABETH CRANSTON, daughter of John Cranston and Mary Clarke.

Children of John Brown and Elizabeth Cranston are:

8. ESECK3 BROWN (JAMES2, CHAD1) was born March 08, 1678/79, and died December 10, 1772. He married MERCY CARR.

Children of Eseck Brown and Mercy Carr are:

9. DANIEL3 BROWN (JEREMIAH2, CHAD1) died 1726. He married FRANCES WATSON, daughter of John Watson and Dorcus Gardiner.

Children of Daniel Brown and Frances Watson are:

Generation No. 4

10. JOHN4 BROWN (JAMES3, JAMES2, CHAD1) was born 1702 in Newport, RI. He married DOROTHY NOYES.

Notes on John Brown

Born at Newport, R. I. John married Dorothy Noyles, (No 107) of that family . Made Stonington their home for life.

Children of John Brown and Dorothy Noyes are:

11. BENJAMIN4 BROWN (DANIEL3, JEREMIAH2, CHAD1) was born March 16, 1707/08. He married ABIGAIL MACCONN, daughter of John Macconn and Anna.

Children of Benjamin Brown and Abigail Macconn are:

Generation No. 5


Children of John Brown and Mary Holmes are:

13. PELEG5 BROWN (JOHN4, JAMES3, JAMES2, CHAD1). He married (1) MERCY DENISON April 14, 1776. He married (2) NANCY INGRASON October 24, 1782.

Children of Peleg Brown and Mercy Denison are:

Children of Peleg Brown and Nancy Ingrason are:

14. JESSE5 BROWN (BENJAMIN4, DANIEL3, JEREMIAH2, CHAD1) was born April 01, 1745. He married MARY PALMER January 1774.

Children of Jesse Brown and Mary Palmer are:

Generation No. 6

15. NOYES6 BROWN (JOHN5, JOHN4, JAMES3, JAMES2, CHAD1) was born March 13, 1775. He married POLLY PALMER.

Children of Noyes Brown and Polly Palmer are:

16. JESSE6 BROWN (JESSE5, BENJAMIN4, DANIEL3, JEREMIAH2, CHAD1) was born September 02, 1774. He married SALLY ADAMS, daughter of Nathan Adams and Elizabeth Comstock.

Children of Jesse Brown and Sally Adams are: