Brown's in the 1827 Baltimore, MD City Directory

Source: Archives of Maryland online

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(N) north. (S) south. (E) east. (W) west, (dw) dwelling, (st) street, (al) alley, (ave) avenue. (+) persons of colour. (Penn, ave) Pennsylvania avenue.

Brown & Mister, grocers and commission merchants, 14 Light st wharf
Brown John (firm Brown & Mitter,) dw Conway near Eutaw
Brown Alexander &. Sons, merchants, 128 Baltimore
Brown Jesse, mariner. Fleets side W of Ann
Brown Jacob, cordwainer, Fleet S side W of Market
Brown Mary, 23 Fleet
Brown Charles, rigger, Thames N side W of Bond
Brown Teressa, laundress, Lancaster S side E of Market
Brown Peter, cordwainer, Pratt N side W of Eutaw, dw corner Eutaw st and Carpenter's alley
Brown Mary Ann, 45 Baltimore
Brown Joseph, cooper, 128 N Howard
Brown mrs Elizabeth. S High E side N of E Water
Brown Amos, merchant, NE cor Howard st and Cow.pen alley, dw NE cor Eutaw and Cider alley
Brown Edward, shop keeper, NW cor Ross and St. Mary's.
Brown Wm. grocer, SW corner Franklin and Paca, dw Paca W side S of Franklin
Brown mrs 28 Holliday
Brown Morgan, 46 South
Brown --, constable, Holliday W side nearly opposite McCausland's Brewery
Brown Jacob J Lexington S side E of Pine
Brown James, oyster and porter cellar, 3 S Charles
Brown Enoch carpenter, NW corner Sharp and Hill
Brown J P. surgical instrument maker, 9 Sharp, dw 112 S Sharp
Brown & Pickman commission merchants, 86 Bowly's whf
Brown John, Sexton of Christ Church, Aisquith W side N of Pitt
Brown mrs. over 53 N Howard
Brown John, house carpenter, Spring W side N of Gough
Brown Wm reed maker and grocer, 35 Franklin
Brown Eliza, laundress, Howard E side N of Camden
Brown George J. merchant, N Gay W side
Brown George, dry goods merchant, dw Holliday st opposite the Theatre
Brown Alexander, dw opposite the Theatre Holliday st
Brown John T. plane maker, 42 Lexington E of Howard
Brown John, black and white smith, Bounty lane opposite Caroline Meeting House
Brown Christian, huckster, Reister's town road N end
Brown Josiah, hatter, 16 Tripolet's alley
Brown John, labourer, Jefferson E of Sharp
Brown Stewart, lumber merchant, dw Courtland W side 9 of Mulberry
Brown Charles, constable, 9 S Sharp
Brown Elizabeth, tailoress, N Liberty E side S of Saratoga
Brown David, potter, dw NW cor Exeter and Salisbury, Pottery Salisbury N side between High and Exeter
Brown Eli, shoemaker, Park st E side, S of Lexington,
Brown Henry. Strawberry alley, W side, N of Gough
Brown Richard, sawyer, Dutch alley, W of Howard st
Brown P. laundress Fayette st S side, W of Pearl
Brown Ann, grocery and feed store, Second st near the market
Brown &. Kever, tailors, 16 Mercer st
Brown Rev. Wm pastor of German Methodist church, dw Conway st N side E of Sharp
Brown G. dry goods merchant, Baltimore st W side, S of Allisanna,
Brown Michael, sea captain. Block st 25 E side f
Brown Charlotte, Happy alley, N of Gough st
Brown S. tavern, 3 Bond, N end
Brown Rebecca, cookshop, 125, Bond 4
Brown Lymas, labourer, 9 N Sharp
Brown Erasmus, cordwainer, 26 Liberty
Brown Elisha N. dry goods merchant, 217 Baltimore
Brown Joseph tailor, Exeter, E side between Gay & Hillen
Brown William, 111 N nigh st
Brown Cath. proprietor of Pottery, dw 113 N High
Brown Robert, watch and clock maker, 26 N Gay
Brown Geo tailor 20 E Baltimore
Brown Miss Emma, fancy store, S Harrison st
Brown Joseph, tailor, Exeter, between Gay and Hillen
Brown John, Carpenter, Wagon alley, E of Howard st
Brown Wm. blacksmith, Charles st E side, near Camden, dw rear of Camden, opposite the City spring
Brown Robert, blacksmith, 230, S Charles
Brown A. victualler, Ridgley s addition Columbiast
Brown J. G. Conway st N side, W of Eutaw
Brown Wm mariner, Apple alley, W side, N of Shakespear st
Brown Una academist. E Baltimore, N side, between Exeter and Temple sts
Brown Jehu carpenter, SW cor Spring st and Sleigh's lane
Brown Matthew, guard penitentiary, dw York avenue, W side, N of Madison st
Brown George, deputy keeper penitentiary, Harford av N side
Brown Miss Susan, Front, W side, near Water
Brown C. & Co. pottery, NW corner of Pratt and High sti
+Brown N. N Sharp st W side, N of Lexington
+Brown Jos. blacksmith, 49 Exeter st late Green
+Brown Nathan, labourer. 73 Harrison
+Brown Harriet, laundress, SE corner Bank and Eden sts
+Brown Rachel, huckster, Asbury, W side near W Balt
+Brown John, labourer, S Howard, E side, near the brickyards
+Brown Henry, labourer, F, side Ross
+Brown Jas. waiter, 25 S Gay, rear of Mr. Kimball's office
+Brown John H. labourer, Charles, E side, near Little Hughes's st
+Brown Rebecca, laundress. Peace alley, W of Howard st
+Brown Brister, carter Park lane, W of Pearl st
+Brown Vallet, laundress, 42 Bond
+Brown John, labourer, Strawberry alley, E side, S of Wilk
+Brown Charles, carter 9 Hughes st S side, E of Hanover
++Brown Francis, Fort road, near magazine
+Brown Edwin, drayman, W Bah. N side, E of the bridge
+Brown Charles, sawyer, 31 Happy alley
+Brown Ephraim, boot black, Asbury, near W Baltimore
+Brown Joshua, carter, W Pratt, W of Woolfolk's
+Brown Jeremiah, blacksmith, Long alley
+Brown Michael, drayman, Barre st N side, near Howard
+Brown Joshua, Carpenter's alley, N side, near Pearl
+Brown John, Argyle alley, E side, near Wilk st
++Brown Philip, labourer, 79 French
+Brown Hager, French st W side, S of Centre st
Brown Rosetta, laundress, Strawberry alley, W side, S of Gough

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