Brown's in the 1856-57 Baltimore, MD City Directory

Source: Archives of Maryland online

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n, north ; s, south ; e, east; to, west; st. street: ct. court ; av. avenue ; al. alley ;
dw. dwelling ; L. P. Locust Point; cor. corner.

Brown Abner C. siair builder, 82 Pine
Brown Albert M. attorney at law, corner Courtland and Lexinsrion, dw Jackson sq
BROWN ALEXANDER & SONS, bankers, 162 w Baltimore, (up stairs)
Brown Alexander E. (Wm. H. B. & Bro.) cor. St. Paul & Reed
Brown Alfred, tailor, Batchelor's al near President
Brown Augustus, butcher, Choptank near Baltimore
Brown Alexander P, tailor, 13 Jackson
Brown Dr. Alfred J. surgeon dentist, 32 n Charles
Brown Andrew, tavern, 16 Fell
Brown Ann R. 104 Scott
Brown Ann, boarding house rear of 87 s Charles
Brown Ann B. 18 Watson
Brown Aulay, jr. clerk, 21 e Lombard
Brown Aulay, gen. collector, 172 e Fayette
Brown Benj. clerk, 195 s Paca
Brown Benjamin, 96 n Bond
Brown Benjamin O. 93 Bethel
Brown Benjamin J. painter, 143 Vine
Brown Benj. machinist, 84 s Republican
Brown Benjamin J. 57 n Poppleion
Brown Benj. ship carp. 46 Montgomery
Brown Benj. seaman, 74 Jefferson
Brown Bernard, upholsterer, 246 Mulberry
BROWN, BROS. & CO. bankers & deals, in foreign exchanges, 162 w Baltimore, up stairs
BROWN & BRUNE, attorneys at law, 40 St. Paul
Brown Charlotte, 174 Gough
Brown Chas. J. police, 83 Poppleton
Brown Charles, stone cutter, 29 w Chase
Brown Carlton, grocery, 18 Jackson
Brown Chas. H. H. 311 w Madison
Brown Catharine, 76 Lancaster
Brown Catharine, 49 Booth
Brown Capt. Chas. H. seaman, 34 n Eden
Brown Charles, huckster, 93 n Poppleion
Brown Chas. mariner, 86 s Charles
Brown Capt. Chas. 246 e Fayette
Brown Christian tailor, 121 Ross
Brown Christian, shoemaker, 63 Portland
Brown Denton, surveyor, 365 e Baltimore
Brown David R. attorney, 46 St. Paul
Brown David, moulder, 116 n Bond
Brown Edward, ale house, 14 Fell
Brown Edward, varnisher, 135 Welcome al
Brown Edward, laborer, 177 Cathedral
Brown Edward, tailor, Heath near Light
Brown Ed. shoemkr. 263 w Fayette, dw 240
Brown Edward, carpenter, 3 Camden lane
Brown Elias, (Clark & B.) 186 Saratoga
Brown Elijah, sexton Meth. Prot. church, 102 e Fayette
Brown Eliza & Caroline, 20 n High
Brown Eliza, 72 Lexington
Brown Eliza, 121 R'egester
Brown Elizabeth, 122 n Eden
Brown Elizabeth, 99 Mullikin
Brown Elizabeth, 61 Chatsworth
Brown Elizabeth, 18 Buren
Brown Francis, shoemaker, 271 s Bond
Brown Francis, ship carp. 195 e Lombard
Brown Franklin, engineer, 96 Sharp
Brown George, (Grover & B.) Fish Market space
Brown Gus. tobacco clerk, 325 Lexington
Brown George A. painter, Dolphin near Bolton
Brown Garrat, 118 St. Paul
Brown Geo. L. baker, 8 Baker's ct
Brown George, 22 Harford av
Brown George S. (Alez.B. & Sons) 16 Holiday
Brown Geo. W. (B. & Brune) 40 St. Paul
Brown Capt. Geo. F. 271 e Pratt
Brown Geo. W. boot fitter, 70 Vine
Brown Geo. W. 162 s Paca
Brown Helena, boarding house, 230 s Wolfe
Brown Henry G. contractor, 96 s Paca
Brown Henry, rigger, 289 Eastern av
Brown Henry G. 23 n Greene
Brown Harriett, 118 Chew
BROWN HENRY C. & CO...saw manuf Uhler's al. dw H. C.B. 125 McElderry's whf.
Brown Ira, carp, shop 199 Hanover, dw 13 n Sharp
Brown Isaiah, turner, 222 n Eutaw
Brown Isaiah, shoemaker, 106 Cathedral
Brown Isaac, jr. machinist, 105 Smith whf. dw 222 Aisquith
Brown Jacob, boot and shoemaker, 27 w Pratt
Brown Jacob, sail maker, 45 s Ann
Brown Jacob, shoemaker, 59 Portland
Brown Jacob, shoemaker, 29 w Pratt
Brown Jacob C. manuf. of gold and silver ware, Bank lane near Charles, dw 326 ' w Fayette
Brown Jacob, book keeper, 67 s Eutaw
Brown Jacob, tailor, 154 Light
Brown Jacob, milkman, Frederick roa
Brown Jane, 26 Lemmon
Brown Jas. S. ship carp. 340 e Lombard
Brown Jas. engineer, 194 e Fayette
Brown Jas. tavern, 85 Thames
Brown Jas. R. carp. 135 Green Mount av
Brown Jas. M. letter carrier, 273 Saratoga
Brown Jas. R. grocer & liq. dealer, 112 n Howard, dw cor. Monument and Park
Brown Jas. V. watch maker, 123 Franklin
Brown James, huckster, 116 Boyd
Brown James H. clerk, 130 n Bond
Brown James laborer, 134 McHenry
Brown Jas. R. 86 McCulloh
Brown Jasper, carpenter, 49 s Charles, dw 27 Balderston
Brown Jehu, bridge builder, 115 e Baltimore
Brown J. Harman, clerk, 110 St. Paul
Brown John A. bailiff Court Com. Pleas.87 n Caroline
Brown John, painter, 19 Bevan al
Brown Jno. W. & Son, com. mts. & packet agents, 81 Smith's wharf, dw J. W. B.93 Saratoga
Brown John C. oyster preserver, 35 Stirling
Brown John N. custom house officer, 190 e Madison
Brown John, shoemaker, 29 Brune
Brown John, fisherman, 29 s Front
Brown John, officer at House of Refuge dw 293 n Gay
Brown John, laborer, 67 Chapel
Brown John, cond'r. rail road, 167 s Wolfe
Brown John, coal dealer, 110 n Front, dw 95 n High
Brown John C. Lexington near Stricker
Brown John M. carpenter, 20 Sterrett
Brown John L. sand paper manuf, 821 w Baltimore
Brown Jno. (Baker Holmes & B.) 57 e Prat
Brown John W. clerk B. & O. R. R. 110 St. Paul
Brown John N.(B. Bros. & Co.) 18 s Eutaw
Brown John, laborer, 90 Granby
Brown John, laborer, e of Chester, Can ton av
Brown John S. shipyard, e end Hughes, dv 44 Saratoga
Brown's Wharf, Thames, between Broadway and Bond
Brown Jonathan, tin & sheet iron worker 60 n Front
Brown Joseph, sec. Gas Co. 326 w Fayett
Brown Joseph, tailor, 129 s High 5 Brown Joshua L. tinner, 29 Chatsworth
Brown Joshua, wheelwright, 347 Saratoga dw 110 Pine
Brown Julia, tailoress, 162 Conway
Brown Laura, 146 Vine
Brown Lewis B. stationery deal. 99 Garde
Brown Lewis P. shoemaker, 120 Poppleto
Brown M. J. (M. J. & W. A. B.) 18 Gree Mount av
BROWN M. J. & W. A. flour and fee dealers, 11 w Pratt
Brown Margaret, 121 Chew
Brown Martin S. engraver, 68 Pine -
Brown Mary, 14 Armistead lane
Brown Mary, 55 e Baltimore
Brown Mary, 226 e Lombard
Brown Mary B. dress maker, 15 Warner
Brown Mary, Canon, Canton
Brown Mary Ann, dress mak.47n Carolin
Brown Mary Ann, 372 Eastern av
Brown Mary, 81 Bank
Brown Margaret, grocer, 13 Lancaster
Brown Martha T. 116 Hanover
Brown Matthew, jeweler, 47 St. Mary
Brown Michael, laborer, 47 Booth
Brown Michael, laborer, back 170 n Fror
Brown Michael, gro. and liq. deal. 62 Ban
Brown Moritz & Sol. dry goods dealers, 15 s Broadway
Brown Moses, house and sign painter 7 Granby
Brown Napoleon, shoemak. 332 Eastern a
Brown Nathaniel, stevedore, 90 Chester
Brown Nichs. V. grocer and liquor dealer, 36 Second
Brown Peter, huckster, 306 Mulberry
Brown Peter, cooper, 98 Thames
Brown Peter A. mariner, 117 Regester
Brown Reuben T. huckster, 300 Franklin
Brown Richard, grocer, 46 Eutaw, dw 296 Lexington
Brown Richard W. (J. W. B. & Son,) 68 Mulberry
Brown Dr. Richard W. 226 Light
Brown Richard, carpenter, 18 East
Brown Robert jr. oil mercht. 11 Patterson, dw Hoffman, near Ross
Brown Robert D. (B. & Winchester.) 98 w Madison
Brown Robert Sr. imp. and deal in watches and fine jewelry, s w cor Balt. & Calvert, dw 76e Pratt
Brown Robert, carter, 8 Chapel
Blown Robert jr. prov. merchant, Hoffman near Ross
Brown & Robinson, riggers, Kerr's whf.
Brown Samuel jr. feed and liquor dealer, cor Cathedral and Richmond
Brown Samuel, sailor, 94 Chester
Brown Samuel H. clerk, 361 w Fayette
Brown Samuel, stone contrac. 359 n Eutaw
Brown Samuel, rigger, 270 Light
Brown Samuel, cigar maker, 21 Sterrett
Brown Sarah, 210 Bank
Brown Sarah, 113 Cider al
Brown Dr. Septimus, 190 Pearl
Brown Thomas, blacksmith, 33 Jackson
Brown Thos. H. (R. Howard & Co.) Jackson sq
Brown Thos. R. 304 w Madison
Brown Thos. blacksmith, 512 Saratoga
Brown Thos. shoemaker. 139 Hollins
Brown Thos. ship joiner, 20 Lancaster
Brown Thos. laborer, 49 York
Brown Thos. tailor, 118 n Eden
Brown Thos. paper stainer, 42 Rock
Brown Thos. J. gold and silversmith 90 w Baltimore
Brown Thos. 109 West
Brown Timothy, clerk, 241 n Eden
Brown V. J. & Co wholesale gro. and commts. 14 Commerce, dw V.J B. 443 w Bait.
Brown Mrs. Washington, 134 n High
Brown Capt. Washington, mariner 54 Hill
Brown Wm. shoemaker, 332 Eastern av
Brown Wm. & Co. imp. & marif.of watches and jewelry, 276 w Baltimore, dw W. B. 121 Saratoga
Brown Wm. shoemaker, 38 Thames
Brown Wm. A, (M. J. & W. A. B.) 121 n Eden
Brown Wm. Paul, artist, 118 Chew
Brown Wm. artist, 47 n Howard
Brown Wm. H. & Bro. druggists, 4 s Liberty, dw W. H. B. cor St. Paul and Reed
Brown Wm. G capt. night watch Western Dist. 420 w Lombard
Brown Wm. stevedore, 189 Chester
Brown Wm. grocer, 42 Eager
Brown Wm. 121 Saratoga
Brown Wm. T. 18 Waison
Brown Wm. W. silversmith, 187 e Madison
Brown Wm. chair maker, 121 Camden
Brown Wm. 148 Preston
BROWN WM. architect, 1 North, dw 348 w Fayette
Brown Wm. H. carpenter, 31 Constitution
Brown Wm. printer, 37 n Fremont
Brown Wm. architect, North, dw 26 Pine
Brown Wm. H. blacksmith, 169 Hollins
Brown Wm. L. carpenter, 216 e Baltimore
Brown Wm. ship carpenter, 372 Eastern ax-
Brown Wm. shoemaker, 176 e Lombard
Brown Wm. O. moulder, 1 Scott
Brown W. T. bricklayer, 192 s Paca
BROWN & WINCHESTER, com. mts. and importers of linens, over 243 w Bait.
Browne Elisha, collector & property agent, 55 Saratoga
Browne Horace E. (Slack & B.) dw Eutaw house
Browne Jas. H. flour, grain and feed dealer, 50 s Frederick, dw Barnum's hotel
Browne Wm. Hand, (Thos. J.Hand & Co.) 188 n Calvert

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