Browns in the 1885 Boston, MA City Directory

Brown Aaron, laborer, bds. 93 Kendall
Brown Abigail Mrs. h. 61 Meridian
Brown Abraham, porter, 51 N. Market, h. 6 Strong pl.
Brown Abram W. engineer, Novelty wood works, h. Hotel Bradford, No. 2
Brown Addie Miss, h. 50 Dover
Brown Adeline, widow, h. 12 Gates
Brown Adoniram, Patent Flexible Shoo Co. 7 Water, h. at Stoughton
Brown Agues, stationery, 1903 Wash. h. 237 Warren
Brown Albert (Brown, Murphy, & Co.), 85 Franklin, h. at Cambridgeport
Brown Albert C. (Brown, De Loriea, & Co.), produce, 89 South Market, h. 64 Dennis
Brown Albert E. bds. Tremont House
Brown Albert G. clerk, 82 State, h. at Auburndale
Brown Albert K. express agent 69 Kilby, h. L. M. H. No. 1, E. Canton
Brown Albert L. machinist, h. Newbern, J. P.
Brown Albert L. (Brown, Riley, & Co.), banker, 9 Congress, bds. Hotel Brunswick
Brown Albert P. clerk, 9 Otis, bds. at Malden
Brown Albert W. (Brown Brothers), 28 School, h. 106 Blue Hill av.
Brown Albion H. & Brothers (F. H. and B. F.), millers' agents, 108 State, h. at Somerville
Brown Alden W. physician, h. 4 Rollins pl.
Brown Alexander, carpenter, h. 9 Pevear pl.
Brown Alexander, waiter, 22 Avery, rms. 3 Ash pl.
Brown Alexander D. & Son (L. M. Brown), cotton buyers, 35 Congress, rm. 25, h. at Newburyport
Brown Alexander E. carpenter, h. 13 Willard
Brown Alexander L. clerk, 30 Pemberton square, h. 41 Maywood
Brown Alexander M. carpenter, h. 37 Regent
Brown Alfred, carpenter, bds. 55½ Temple
Brown Alfred, machinist, h. 8 Sumner place, Rox.
Brown Alfred A. liquors, Greenwich, Dor. h. do.
Brown Alfred S. (A. S. & J. Brown & Co.), 117 State, h. Brown place, J. P.
Brown Alice B. Mrs. h. 1947 Washington
Brown Allen, laborer, rms. 6 Acton
Brown Allen A. 30 Kilby, rm. 19, h. Hotel Clifford
Brown Almira F. Miss, bookkeeper, 28 Summer, bds. 104 Myrtle
Brown Almira M. dressmaker, 12 Central sq. h. do.
Brown Alonzo B. teamster, bds. 21 Weston
Brown Alpheus R. (Brown & Alger), lawyer, 23 Court, rm. 14, h. at Somerville
Brown Alpheus R. jr. agent Scientific Publishing Co. 38 Water, bds. at Somerville
Brown Alvan, porter, 58 South, h. 217 W. Sixth
Brown Alvin B. city express 65 Merrimac, h. at Cambridgeport
Brown Alvin R. milkman, bds. 2 Putnam pl.
Brown Ammi, h. 214 Columbus av.
Brown Amos, carpenter, h. 40 Washington, Chsn.
Brown Amos H. conductor, F. R. R. h. 86 High, Chsn.
Brown Andrew, janitor, F. R. R. h. at Waltham
Brown Andrew H. carpenter, h. 105 E. Brookline
Brown Andrew J. porter, 56 Franklin, h. 21 Weston
Brown Angie Miss, h. 535 Columbus av.
Brown Ann, widow, h. 28 Lowell
Brown Ann Mrs. h. 387 W. Second
Brown Anna G. Mrs. h. 744 Parker
Brown Annie, widow, h. 85 Tremont, Chsn.
Brown Annie E. music teacher 12 Hotel Boylston
Brown Anor W. lieutenant, S. F. E. 22, Dartmouth, h. 8 Fayette
Brown Anthony, salesman, h. 11 Lindall pl.
Brown Anthony S. (Brown Brothers), 32 Faneuil Hall sq. h. at Somerville
Brown Archibald J. carpenter, h. Fuller Dor.
Brown Archibald M. clerk, bds. 5 Decatur
Brown Archibald S. clerk, 19 Green, bds. 70 Oak
Brown Arthur B. chemist, 235 Washington, rm. 10, bds. at Cambridge
Brown Arthur D. cabinet maker rear 25 Essex, h. 5 Ray, Rox.
Brown Arthur E. clerk, 10 Central
Brown Arthur L. printer, 1 Somerset, h. 134 Cambridge
Brown Arthur M. 62 Canal, bds. 40 Dearborn
Brown Arthur W. h. Centre, n. Beech, W. R.
Brown Asa Mrs. died Aug. 17, 1884
Brown Atherton T. (J. I. Brown & Sons), 185 Summer, h. 67 Winthrop, Rox.
Brown Augusta N. Miss, h. 389 Marlboro'
Brown Augustus, laborer, h. 7 Parnell
Brown Augustus, ladies' bootmaker, 10 Franklin av. h. 14 Indiana
Brown Augustus M. clerk, 50 Congress, bds. at Marblehead
Brown Austin, asbestos manuf. bds. 762 Tremont
Brown A. G. & Co. publishers, 24 E. Canton
Brown A. K. Mrs. kindergarten, Hotel Cluny
Brown A. M. Mrs. dressmaker, 28 West, h. do.
Brown A. S. & J. & Co. (W. O. Henshaw), foreign fruits, 117 State and 3 Broad
Brown Bart, laborer, bds. Dorchester av. cor. Com'l
Brown Bartlett J. varnisher, 18 Avery, h. at Hyde Park
Brown Benjamin, carpenter, h. rear 32 Polk
Brown Benjamin, clerk, P. O. h. at Somerville
Brown Benjamin, waiter, h. 6 Ohio
Brown Benjamin Mrs. h. Centre, n. Church, W. R.
Brown Benjamin Mrs. h. 120 Princeton, E. B.
Brown Benjamin (Farnsworth & Co.), 552 Washington, h. at Beverly
Brown Benjamin A. died Oct. 4, 1884
Brown Benjamin A. Mrs. h. Bowdoin, n. Olney, Dor.
Brown Benjamin B. manuf. Worcestershire sauce, 10 F. H. sq. h. at Woburn
Brown Benjamin B. sergeant, police station 7, h. 20 Trenton, E. B.
Brown Benjamin F. baggage master O. C. R. R. h. at Newton Highlands
Brown Benjamin F. ins. agent 48 Kilby, and 20 City sq. Chsn. h. at Lexington
Brown Benjamin F. treas. Avery Lactate Co. 173 Devonshire, h. 24 Cliff
Brown Benjamin F. 26 Central, h. 41 W. Cedar
Brown Benjamin F. (A. H. Brown & Bros.), 108 State, h. at Manchester, N. H.
Brown Benjamin F. (Burr, Brown, & Co.), upholstery trimmings, 163 Devonshire, h. 154 Charles
Brown Benjamin G. restaurant, 65 Summer, h. 31 Border
Brown Benjamin K. h. Metropolitan av. W. R.
Brown Benjamin L. sawyer, bds. 96 Decatur, Chsn.
Brown Benjamin P. fish, bds. 6 Unity court
Brown Boston, waiter, bds. 26 Winchester
Brown Brigade Band, 226 Washington
Brown Brothers, (Edwin W. and Albert W.), solicitors, of patents, 28 School, rm. 28
Brown Brothers, (Harry W. and Frederic), pictures and stationery, 1317 Washington
Brown Brothers, (A. S. and F. A.), hairdressers, 32 F. H. sq.
Brown Brothers & Co. bankers, 66 State
Brown Buckminster, physician, 39 Marlboro', h. do.
Brown Burton, conductor, B. & L. R. R. rms. 49 Chambers
Brown B. F. & Co. (E. H. Fennessy), blackings and leather dressings, 135 Fulton, office 156 Commercial
Brown Caleb B. carpenter, h. 151 Medford, Chsn.
Brown Caleb R. teamster, h. 37 Miller, Chsn.
Brown Capen, salesman, 50 High, bds. 41 Rutland sq.
Brown Carlan A. carpenter, h. 20 Parnell
Brown Caroline H. widow, h. 38 McLean
Brown Carrie Mrs. h.N. Harvard, Allston
Brown Catharine Mrs. pictures, 72 W. B'way, h. 74 do.
Brown Catharine, widow, h. 48 North Bennet
Brown Charles, agent, bds. 255 Shawmut av.
Brown Charles, eating saloon, 110 Atlantic av. h. do.
Brown Charles, foreman, h. 33 Glenwood
Brown Charles, grocer, 28 N. Bennet, h. do.
Brown Charles, machinist, h. 1 Peabody
Brown Charles, marble worker, rms. 79 Main
Brown Charles, paper dealer, h. 20 Mayfair
Brown Charles, porter, Mass. General Hospital
Brown Charles, porter, rms. 9 Parkman
Brown Charles, reed worker, bds. 328 Hanover
Brown Charles, steward, h. 18 Haynes
Brown Charles, 39 North, h. 100 Meridian
Brown Charles, rms. 25 Revere
Brown Charles Mrs. h. 104 Myrtle
Brown Charles A. at Directory office, 155 Franklin, bds. 104 Myrtle
Brown Charles A. calker, h. 73 Maverick sq.
Brown Charles A. carpenter, h. 596 East Sixth
Brown Charles A. clerk, 246 Purchase, bds. at Auburndale
Brown Charles A. clerk, 90 Sudbury, bds. 26 East Chester pk.
Brown Charles A. conductor, Met. R. R. bds. 2548 Washington
Brown Charles A. engineer, bds. 77 Brooks
Brown Charles A. draughtsman, 82 Water, rm. 11, bds. 430 East Eighth
Brown Charles A. hairdresser, 82 Endicott, h. 15 Marshall
Brown Charles A. passenger agent C. M. & St. P. R. R. 306 Washington, bds. 26 Hotel Berwick
Brown Charles A. L. (Claflin & Brown), 216 Devonshire, h. 114 St. Botolph
Brown Charles B. engineer, 93 Broad, h. at Melrose
Brown Charles D. carpenter, h. 241 Paris
Brown Charles D. salesman, 14 Milk, b. 12 Bowdoin
Brown Charles E. carpenter, h. 19 Monmouth
Brown Charles E. cooper, h. 19 Clarence
Brown Charles E. fireman, h. 33 Middle
Brown Charles E. laborer, bds. L. M. H. No. 2, East Canton
Brown Charles E. 301 Washington, h. at Malden
Brown Charles E. bds. 42 Concord sq.
Brown Charles F. engineer, bds. 62 Lexington, Chsn.
Brown Charles F. rms. 6 Lovering pl.
Brown Charles F. (Wright & Brown), solicitor of patents, 31 Pemberton sq. h. at Reading
Brown Charles G. teamster, h. 418 Main
Brown Charles G. h. 58 G
Brown Charles Hazen, cotton broker, 52 Kilby, h. at Somerville
Brown Charles H. actor, h. 66 Sherman
Brown Charles H. clerk, 122 State, h. at Somerville
Brown Charles H. clerk, 87 F. H. market
Brown Charles H. clerk, bds. Burroughs, J. P.
Brown Charles H. clerk, 450 Wash. b. 76 Hammond
Brown Charles H. insurance, h. St. John, J. P.
Brown Charles H. machinist, h. 18 London
Brown Charles H. salesman, 5 Union, h. at Waltham
Brown Charles H. salesman, 38 Commerce, h. at Haverhill
Brown Charles H. slate cutter bds. 9 Chelsea, Chsn.
Brown Charles H. (William Tidd & Co.), 31 High, h. at Stoneham
Brown Charles H. C. bookkeeper, Tremont, cor. Court, h. 23 Wabon
Brown Charles H. L. clerk, h. 7 Hampden pl.
Brown Charles H. R. waiter, h. 2 Newton ct.
Brown Charles I. telegrapher, 236 Washington, h. at Beverly
Brown Charles J. fish, 329 Sumner, h. 341 do.
Brown Charles J. salesman, 86 Wash. h. at Newton
Brown Charles K. collector, 24 West, h. at Malden
Brown Charles L. tinsmith, 155 Eliot, h. 72 Essex
Brown Charles O. gateman, B. & A. R. R. bds. 33 Lexington, E. B.
Brown Charles P. clerk, 14 Milk, b. 39 E. Springfield
Brown Charles P. clerk, 39 Tremont, rms. do.
Brown Charles R. agent Maddux, Hobart, & Co. 1½ and 15 Dock sq. h. at Auburndale
Brown Charles R. cigarmaker, h. 32 Sawyer
Brown Charles R. at collector's office, City Hall, h. 43 Woodward av.
Brown Charles R. teamster, bds. 21 Edgeworth
Brown Charles S. accountant, h. 755 East Sixth
Brown Charles S. clerk, 32 Franklin, bds. at Woburn
Brown Charles W. clerk, h. 38 Savin
Brown Charles W. electrician, basement P. O. h. 120 P
Brown Charles W. machinist, h. 40 Dearborn
Brown Charles W. treas. Tucker Manuf. Co. 70 Washington, bds. at Newton Centre
Brown Charles W. 176 Atlantic av. h. 4 Lewis pl.
Brown Charles W. A. teamster, h. 58 Sullivan, Chsn.
Brown Charlotte, widow, h. 5 Stanhope pl.
Brown Chelsea Express, 60 Washington, and South Market, corner Commercial
Brown Chester E. provisions, 1064 Tremont, bds. 7 Marble
Brown Christian, h. 10 Cross, Chsn.
Brown Christian, shoemaker, 2189 Washington, h. 106 Zeigler
Brown Clara Miss, teacher, bds. 7 Cross, Chsn.
Brown Clarence, mariner, bds. 1 Marshall pl.
Brown Clarence E. 39 Harrison av. h. at Malden
Brown Clarence H. 26 Charlestown, h. 36 Essex
Brown Clarence J. insideman, 219 Beacon
Brown Crawford F. engraver, 200 Washington, h. at Lexington
Brown Cyrus H. provisions, h. Allston st. Allston
Brown C. Dudley (Gregory & Brown), 18 and 20 West, h. at Brookline
Brown C. E. & G. M. Misses boarding-house, 43 Bowdoin
Brown C. H. L. clerk, 85 Oliver, h. 7 Hampden pl.
Brown Dan E. trav. salesman 14 Summer
Brown Danforth H. machinist, h. 309 W. Broadway
Brown Daniel, porter, died Nov. 25, 1884
Brown Daniel, h. 71 East Dedham
Brown Daniel A. grocer, Green, opp. J. P. station, h. Gordon, J. P.
Brown Daniel C. died July 3, 1884
Brown Daniel C. Mrs. bds. 8 Bulfinch pl.
Brown Daniel E. clerk, h. 1463 Washington
Brown Daniel G. clerk, bds. 44 Worcester
Brown Daniel H. fireman, E. B. ferry, h. 141 Meridian
Brown Daniel H. plasterer, h. 14 Putnam, Chsn.
Brown Daniel J. builder, h. Parker Hill av. near reservoir
Brown Daniel J. physician, bds. 445 Shawmut av.
Brown Daniel M. butcher, at Abattoir, h. at Watertown
Brown Daniel R. (McLellan & Brown), tailor, 2467 Washington, rms. 2463 do.
Brown David, carpenter, h. 115 Havre
Brown David, clairvoyant, h. 506 Tremont
Brown David, clerk, Hampton House, bds. do.
Brown David, laborer, h. Dana, near R. R.
Brown David, machinist, h. 135 Havre, E. B.
Brown David H. (Thompson, Brown, & Co.), publisher, 23 Hawley, h. at West Medford
Brown David J. grocer, 151 Shawmut av. rms. Huntington House
Brown De Loriea, & Co. (Albert C. Brown, Joseph F. De Loriea), produce, 89 So. Market
Brown Dennis, laborer, h. 1 Melville pl.
Brown Dennis J. laborer, h. 41 Park, Chsn.
Brown Durrell, & Co. (J. A. Brown, O. H. Durrell, T. B. Fitz, John R. Ainsley), small wares, 71 Bedford
Brown D. Austin secretary Asbestos Packing Co. 169 Congress, bds. Parker Hill av.
Brown D. Webster B. P. D. No. 1, Hamilton, bds. 53 Chambers
Brown Eben, needlemaker, removed to Milford
Brown Eben F. carpenter, 601 Albany, h. 16 Holborn
Brown Edgar A. printer, 248 Wash. bds. 88 Berkeley
Brown Edgar A. printer, rms. 8 Hancock
Brown Edgar C. machinist, bds. 108 P
Brown Edgar H. clerk, P. O. bds. at Chelsea
Brown Edmund, sawyer, h. 1 Farrington av. Allston
Brown Edmund Q. agent, bds. 22 Concord sq.
Brown Edward, carpenter, h. rear 19 Benton
Brown Edward, laborer, h. 54 Cottage, E. B.
Brown Edward, laborer, h. 30 Eaton ct. Rox.
Brown Edward, h. Prospect Dor.
Brown Edward, bds. 48 Winthrop, Chsn.
Brown Edward jr. & Co. fish, 56 Long wharf, h. at Medford
Brown Edward A. clerk, 72 W. Broadway, bds. 74 do.
Brown Edward A. janitor, 433 Washington, h. 630 do.
Brown Edward A. painter, bds. 2 Bradford
Brown Edward B. calker, bds. 61 Ferrin
Brown Edward B. 10½ Beacon, b. 143 Mt. Pleasant av.
Brown Edward C. carpenter, h. 13 Bigelow, Br.
Brown Edward E. engineer, h. Minot, n. Minot pl.
Brown Edward F. fisherman, h. 324 North
Brown Edward J. dry goods 58 and 60 Green, and 55 Beach, h. at Cambridgeport
Brown Edward J. & Co. (F. L. Brown), cotton dealers, 9 Oliver, h. 80 Mt. Vernon
Brown Edward P. lawyer, 39 A Equitable building, h. 2 Wellington
Brown Edward P. musician, 103 Court, h. at Cambridge
Brown Edward T. assistant messenger Mt. Vernon National Bank, 43 Chauncy
Brown Edward T. cook, h. 163 Chelsea, E. B.
Brown Edward V. bds. E. C. Brown's, Bigelow, Br.
Brown Edward W. bookkeeper, 47 N. Market, h. 11 Eden, Chsn.
Brown Edward W. clerk, 518 Washington, h. 59 Clifton, Dor.
Brown Edwin, canvasser, rms. 24 Poplar
Brown Edwin, pianomaker, h. Walk Hill, opp. Forest Hills station
Brown Edwin A. printer, 236 Wash. h. 54 Waltham
Brown Edwin F. carpenter, 601 Albany, h. Hayward Rox.
Brown Edwin G. undertaker, 14 Bennington, bds. 38 do.
Brown Edwin P. publisher Dorchester Spy, bds. Columbia, Dor.
Brown Edwin R. cabinetmaker, h. 4 Oxford terrace
Brown Edwin S. clerk, N. Y. & N. E. freight, bds. 630 Dudley
Brown Edwin S. salesman, 150 Franklin, bds. 9 Everett av. Dor.
Brown Edwin W. (Brown Brothers), 28 School, bds. 106 Blue Hill av.
Brown Edwin Y. weigher, 10 Maverick sq. h. 75 Eutaw
Brown Elbridge, salesman, 133 Summer, h. at Marblehead
Brown Elbridge L. engineer, h. 671 Shawmut av.
Brown Eleazer G. organmaker, h. 6 Temple
Brown Eleazer G. jr. clerk, 68 Summer, b. 54 Myrtle
Brown Elias A. waiter, 19 Tremont, h. 60 Kendall
Brown Elisha, engineer, bds. 209 Trenton, E. B.
Brown Elisha H. cabinetmaker, h. 7 Henderson House
Brown Eliza, teacher, Dillaway school, bds. 18 Moreland
Brown Elizabeth Miss, h. 607 Tremont
Brown Elizabeth A. Miss, h. South, near Foster, Br.
Brown Elizabeth A. Mrs. h. 52 Chester sq.
Brown Elizabeth B. widow, h. 6 Baldwin, Chsn.
Brown Elizabeth M. widow, h. 34 Leverett
Brown Ella Miss, teacher, Charlestown High School, bds. 51 Monument av.
Brown Ellen Miss, h. 74 East Canton
Brown Ellen Mrs. h. 12 Hanover av.
Brown Ellen Mrs. h. 23 Irving
Brown Ellen Mrs. h. 14 Chester sq.
Brown Ellery C. bookkeeper, 61 Chatham, bds. 4 Mt. Vernon
Brown Elmer E. periodicals etc. 144 Harrison av. h. L. M. H. No. 2, East Canton
Brown Elmer J. clerk, 278 Purchase, bds. at Reading
Brown Emma, widow, h. 178 Bremen
Brown Emma E. Miss, bds. 5 Sherman, Rox.
Brown Ernest C. h. 104 L
Brown Eugene S. boiler inspector 7 Exchange pl. rm. 14, bds. 34 Border
Brown Eva M. Miss, clerk, 36 Bromfield, rm. 3, bds. at Quincy
Brown Eveline M. Mrs. h. 5 Decatur
Brown Ezekiel M. furniture, 23 Maverick sq. bds. do.
Brown Ezra, h. 3 Tremont, Chsn.
Brown E. A. printer, bds. 88 Berkeley
Brown E. Everett lawyer, 46 School, bds. 16 Mills
Brown E. Gerry editor and proprietor Bunker Hill Times, 16 City sq, h. 11 Auburn, Chsn.
Brown E. Louise teacher, Gibson primary school, bds. Harvard, Dor.
Brown E. N. clerk, 61 Chauncy, bds. at Malden
Brown E. O. 33 Summer, h. 2 Newton ct.
Brown E. R. Mrs. h. 4 Oxford terrace
Brown Fanny, widow, h. 13 Phillips
Brown Francis, laborer, h. 28 West Broadway
Brown Francis, 42 Congress, h. 97 Waltham
Brown Francis, h. Washington, c. Clarence pl. Dor.
Brown Francis G. type-finisher h. 3 Forest pl. Chsn.
Brown Francis H. physician, Hotel Lyndeboro', h. do.
Brown Francis L. real estate 3 Tremont row, rm. 141/3, h. at Somerville
Brown Frank, bookbinder, bds. 3 Arnold
Brown Frank, carpenter, h. 104 Warrenton
Brown Frank, clerk, bds. 1 Floral pl.
Brown Frank, bds. 33 Edinboro'
Brown Frank A. treasurer Salem Lead Co. 21 Pearl, h. at Salem
Brown Frank A. & Co. (W. T. Priest), furniture, 87 Union, h. at Chelsea
Brown Frank A. (Brown Brothers), 32 Faneuil Hall sq. bds. at Somerville
Brown Frank B. clerk, 33 Tremont, bds. 5 Hanover
Brown Frank B. clerk, bds. 37 Havre
Brown Frank C. milkman, bds. 105 Day
Brown Frank C. (Brown & Comey), 433 Washington
Brown Frank D. clerk, 20 City sq. bds. at Lexington
Brown Frank D. clerk, h. 12 Porter
Brown Frank Edgar, 99 Chauncy, b. 12 Burroughs pl.
Brown Frank E. burnisher, 383 Washington
Brown Frank E. lightning rods 129 Court
Brown Frank E. bds. 21 Edgeworth
Brown Frank H. (Brown & Burton), grain commission, 4 Central, h. at Melrose
Brown Frank J. laborer, h. 162 Cedar, Rox.
Brown Frank J. type moulder bds. 430 E. Eighth
Brown Frank J. R. mailing clerk 5 Congregational building, bds. at Malden
Brown Frank L. insurance, rms. 362 Tremont
Brown Frank M. clerk, 51 Federal, h. at Brookline
Brown Frank M. electric light h. 96 Zeigler
Brown Frank N. clerk, 86 Union, bds. 18 Worcester
Brown Frank P. printer, 32 Hawley, room 12, bds. 7 Union pl. E. B.
Brown Frank P. salesman, 33 Summer, b. 12 Gates
Brown Frank P. bds. 623 East Fourth
Brown Frank Q. 40 Water, bds. at Melrose
Brown Franklin, 189 Devonshire, bds. 12 Ashburton pl.
Brown Franklin K. tinsmith, 35 Leverett, bds. 34 do.
Brown Fred, laborer, h. 40 Phillips, Rox.
Brown Fred, printer, rms. 14 Joy
Brown Fred A. salesman, 3 Winter, bds. at Malden
Brown Fred C. dentist, 149 A Tremont, bds. 533 Columbus av.
Brown Fred E. printer, 262 Wash. bds. 14 Joy
Brown Fred E. (Jason P. Brown & Co.), 135 Atlantic av. bds. 653 East Third
Brown Fred G. (Brown, McPhail, & Co.), 55 Beverly, h. at Medford
Brown Fred H. laborer, h. 4 Edgeworth pl. E. B.
Brown Fred H. (A. H. Brown & Bros.), 108 State, h. at Somerville
Brown Fred J. clerk, 1 Hight, bds. 19 Cotting
Brown Fred K. clerk, Bunker Hill Nat. Bank, bds. at Lexington
Brown Fred O. clerk, 55 Bromfield, bds. do.
Brown Fred O. engraver, bds. 76 Hammond
Brown Fred R. teamster, h. 33 Cambridge, Chsn.
Brown Fred T. clerk, 17 Kingston. bds. at Malden
Brown Fred V. musician, rms. 63 Indiana pl.
Brown Fred W. h. 62 Mt. Vernon
Brown Frederic (Brown Brothers), 1317 Washington, rms. 573 Tremont
Brown Frederic L. (E. J. Brown & Co.), 9 Oliver, h. 32 High, Chsn.
Brown Frederick, tailor, bds. 29 Harrison av.
Brown Frederick, 48 Congress, bds. 161 Roxbury
Brown Frederick Mrs. h. 161 Roxbury
Brown Frederick A. agent, Penn. Globe Gas Light Co. 52 Broad, h. 49 Rutland sq.
Brown Frederick F. salesman, 44 South Market, bds. at Malden
Brown Frederick G. fireman, basement P. O. h. 23 Harvard
Brown Frederick H. cabinetmaker, bds. Brewer, J. P.
Brown Frederick H. clerk, 64 Anderson, bds. 104 Myrtle
Brown Frederick J. clerk, 117 State, h. at Woburn
Brown Frederick L. clerk, h. Western av. Allston
Brown Frederick O. clerk, bds. 14 Chester square
Brown Frederick T. jeweller, 409 Wash. rms. do.
Brown Frederick W. carpenter, h. 141 Vernon
Brown Frederick W. furniture, 169 Cambridge, bds. at Cambridgeport
Brown Frederick W. receiving teller Nat. Bank of Republic, 95 Milk, h. at Melrose
Brown Frederick W. h. 62 Mt. Vernon
Brown Freeman C. engineer water boat Protector, h. 209 Trenton, E. B.
Brown F. salesman, 34 North, h. 1 Floral place
Brown F. Barton, 183 Fort Hill sq. h. 50 Telegraph
Brown F. P. 86 Summer, bds. 20 Hotel Clifton
Brown George, agent, bds. 255 Shawmut av.
Brown George, bookkeeper, bds. 129 Chambers
Brown George, broker, 26½ Exchange, h. at Roslindale
Brown George, carpenter, rms. 2 Phillips
Brown George, clerk, 518 Wash. h. 293 W. Broadway
Brown George, clerk, 518 Wash. h. at Cambridge
Brown George, clerk, 260 Wash. h. 36 Montgomery
Brown George, coachman at A. W. Spencer's, Co lumbia, Dor.
Brown George, laborer, h. 68 Dove
Brown George, laborer, h. 242 Bolton
Brown George, laborer, h. 56 Billerica
Brown George, machinist, bds. 33 Edinboro'
Brown George peddler, h. 47 Ward, Rox.
Brown George, tinsmith, 71 Meridian, h. 7 Central sq. E. B.
Brown George, varnisher, bds. 40 Phillips, Rox.
Brown George, waiter, h. 12 Piedmont
Brown George woolgrader, 110 Federal, h. 13 Indiana
Brown George A. carpenter, 687 Dudley, h. Chipman Dor.
Brown George A. inspector Custom House, h. 4 Pacific
Brown George A. ship joiner h. 130 Princeton, E. B.
Brown George A. (Cleveland, Brown, & Co.), 48 Summer, h. at Maplewood
Brown George A. 17 Temple pl. bds. at Watertown
Brown George A. h. 5 Everett, Chsn.
Brown George B. h. 8 Hotel Lyndeboro'
Brown George B. 4 P. O. sq. h. at Framingham
Brown George B. h. 17 Hotel Boylston
Brown George B. bds. 4 Allston
Brown George C. bill distributor bds. 2 Belmont sq.
Brown George C. carpenter, h. 15 Dover
Brown George D. rms. 35 Lenox
Brown George D. station agent Mt. Bowdoin, h. Columbia
Brown George D. provisions, 15 N. F. H. mkt. h. 5 Hotel Lyndeboro'
Brown George Edward, h. 159 West Canton
Brown George E. clerk, 20 Congress, h. 154 Charles
Brown George E. clerk, 97 Pearl, bds. 114 Chandler
Brown George E. salesman, 90 Arch, h. at Somerville
Brown George E. sawyer, h. Dorchester av. n. Ellsworth
Brown George F. cabinetmaker, h. 184 Princeton, E. B.
Brown George F. captain, h. Walk Hill, Mat.
Brown George F. carpenter, h. 74 Rockland
Brown George F. clerk, removed to Minneapolis
Brown George F. porter, 100 Summer, h. 155 F
Brown George F. teamster, h. 77 Brooks
Brown George F. & Co. flour and grain com. 214 State, h. at Cambridge
Brown George G. baker, 654 Shawmut av. h. 30 Arnold
Brown George G. clerk, 27 South Market, h. at Auburndale
Brown George H. assistant paymaster 450 Washington, bds. 76 Hammond
Brown George H. boiler inspector 7 Exchange pl. rm. 14, h. 296 Meridian, E. B.
Brown George H. carpenter, 61 Wareham, h. 38 Langdon
Brown George H. carpenter, 93 Travers, h. at Chelsea
Brown George H. clerk, 48 Kilby, h. at Lexington
Brown George H. clerk, 178 Devonshire, rm. 7, bds. 378 Dudley
Brown George H. piano tuner 175 A Tremont, h. at Newton
Brown George H. salesman, h. 15 Mt. Vernon, Chsn.
Brown George H. slater, bds. River, near Hyde Park line, Mat.
Brown George H. twinemaker, h. 521 Saratoga
Brown George I. teamster, h. 9 Hampden pl.
Brown George L. salesman, 125 Federal, bds. at Chelsea
Brown George M. bds. 96 Zeigler
Brown George P. clerk, at Union Oil Works, Chelsea st. E. B. h. at Chelsea
Brown George S. bds. 300 Shawmut av.
Brown George Temple, clerk, 39 Tremont, h. at Malden
Brown George T. (George B. White & Co.), banker, 48 Water, h. at Melrose
Brown George W. agent Wheeler & Wilson Mfg. Co. 594 Wash. h. Columbia, near Wash. Dor.
Brown George W. asst. engineer S. F. E. 14, Centre, Rox. h. 123 do.
Brown George W. clerk, h. 56 Gray
Brown George W. clerk, 90 Federal, bds. 39 Gates
Brown George W. hairdresser, 101 Prince, h. 112 do.
Brown George W. machinist, h. 1485 Tremont
Brown George W. merchant tailor 9 Studio building, h. Gardner Allston
Brown George W. porter, 173 Blackstone
Brown George W. porter, 23 Green, bds. do.
Brown George W. restaurant, bds. 13 Bigelow, Br.
Brown George W. salesman, 33 Summer, bds. 28 E. Windsor
Brown George W. salesman, 246 Purchase, b. at Waltham
Brown George W. stereotyper, 4 Williams court, bds. 8 Wesley, Chsn.
Brown George W. wool and produce 37 Commercial, h. 70 Dennis
Brown George W. Mrs. h. 38 Russell, Chsn.
Brown Gerry (Boothby & Brown), Revere House, Bowdoin sq. h. at Lynn
Brown Gertrude E. asst. Franklin school, bds. 12 Dartmouth
Brown Gideon P. (Brown, Steese, & Clarke), Milton place, h. Harvard av. Allston
Brown Gilbert, foreman, h. 590 Dorchester av.
Brown Gilbert C. baker, 654 Shawmut av. h. 688 do.
Brown Gilbert C. jr. 84 Commerce, bds. 688 Shawmut av.
Brown Gilbert L. foreman, Met. R. R. b. 34 Hammond
Brown Gilman A. clerk, 51 North Market, rms. 147 Warren av.
Brown Greta and Kittie Misses h. 443 Shawmut av.
Brown Gurdon S. bookkeeper, 85 Causeway, rms. 15 Chambers
Brown Guy, bds. 2 Shawmut pl.
Brown G. Frank (John I. Brown & Sons), 185 Summer, h. 215 Newbury
Brown G. M. Miss, h. 43 Bowdoin
Brown Hannah G. widow, h. 14 Lawrence, Chsn.
Brown Harlan A. carpenter, h. 20 Parnell
Brown Harriet A. teacher, dresscutting, 517 Tremont, h. 32 Dwight
Brown Harriet N. widow, h. 173 Norfolk av.
Brown Harrison, printer, 117 Franklin, h. at Melrose
Brown Harry, painter, h. Hichborn Br.
Brown Harry E. stenographer, B. & L. R. R. bds. 14 Dearborn
Brown Harry W. (Brown Bros.), 1217 Washington, h. 1300 do.
Brown Havelock R. refrigerator maker h. 37 Leonard
Brown Helen L. teacher, Allston school, bds. at Woburn
Brown Helen M. Mrs. h. 5 Hotel Palmerston
Brown Helen M. widow, teacher, h. Union Terrace, Forest Hills
Brown Henrietta Mrs. h. 1173 Washington
Brown Henry, adver. agent, h. 79 Blue Hill av.
Brown Henry, bank-note printer, 87 Milk, bds. 44 Worcester
Brown Henry, coachman, 212 Beacon
Brown Henry, laborer, h. 111 West Fifth
Brown Henry, laborer, h. 4 Utica
Brown Henry, 40 Court, bds. 2 Newman court
Brown Henry, h. 57 Monument av. Chsn.
Brown Henry (Brown & Griffiths), 156 A Tremont, h. at Melrose
Brown Henry A. butter and cheese 87 F. H. mkt. h. Willcut court, Dor.
Brown Henry A. clerk, bds. 8 Alleghany
Brown Henry A. porter, 24 School, h. 154 Cambridge
Brown Henry C., Brown's Brigade Band, 226 Washington, h. at Melrose Highlands
Brown Henry C. salesman, 36 Hamilton, h. at Chelsea
Brown Henry C. bds. 2 Hillside
Brown Henry D. clerk, 67 Cornhill, h. at Cambridge
Brown Henry H. clerk, 13 Tremont, bds. 7 Union place, E. B.
Brown Henry H. h. 269 Beacon
Brown Henry K. shoemaker, h. 13 Piedmont
Brown Henry L. (L. D. Brown & Son), machine silk, 27 Lincoln, h. at Middletown, Conn.
Brown Henry R. painter, h. Grant place, L. M.
Brown Henry S. provisions, Williams market, h. Hotel Henderson
Brown Henry S. & Co. (F. A. Walker), teas and molasses, 19 and 20 India, h. 8 Claremont park
Brown Henry T. boat builder h. 30 Princeton, Chsn.
Brown Henry T. clerk, 10 Blackstone market, bds. 35 Edinboro'
Brown Henry T. (Walter Brown & Co.), 98 Federal, h. at Winchester
Brown Henry W. cigarmaker, h. 7 Kirkland
Brown Henry W. 156 Commercial, h. at Malden
Brown Herbert, telegrapher, 109 State, h. 36 Montgomery
Brown Herbert A. organ keys h. 48 Pleasant, Chsn.
Brown Herbert A. 32 F. H. mkt. bds. 11 Eaton
Brown Herbert C. salesman, 147 Washington, bds. 89 West Rutland sq.
Brown Herbert F. Mrs. h. 20 Ball
Brown Hiram, watchman, h. 100 Elm, Chsn.
Brown Horace, mechanical engineer, 31 Pemberton square, rm. 9, h. at Reading
Brown Horace, packer, 48 Fulton, h. at W. Somerville
Brown Horace R. bookkeeper, 531 Tremont, h. at Malden
Brown Horatio W. (Mullin & Brown), 1 High, h. 4 Hotel Dale
Brown Howard K. lawyer, 47 Devonshire, rm. 21, h. at Framingham
Brown Hugh, salesman, h. 237 Warren, Rox.
Brown Hugh, bds. 227 Border
Brown Hugh G. clerk, bds. 237 Warren, Rox.
Brown Hugh W. builder, h. 53 A Quincy, Rox.
Brown Hulings C. clerk, 254 Wash. bds. at Salem
Brown H. bds. 67 Hancock
Brown H. Alvah, clerk, 34 North, b. 123 Dartmouth
Brown H. L. Miss, artist, 82 Studio bldg. h. 389 Marlboro'
Brown Ira A. paper hanger 140 Court, h. at Malden
Brown Irving W. packer, 50 Franklin, h. at Cambridgeport
Brown Isaac E. salesman, 87 Broad, h. 25 Mt. Vernon, Chsn.
Brown I. J. insurance adjuster 53 Kilby, h. at Hyde Park
Brown Jacob, peddler, h. 17 Stillman
Brown Jacob, tailor, bds. 23 Orange
Brown Jacob (A. S. & J. Brown & Co.), 117 State, h. at Woburn
Brown Jacob F. bookkeeper, 168 Congress, h. at Newburyport
Brown James, ballast agent, 188 Commercial, h. Vine, cor. Dudley
Brown James, boilermaker, h. 31 Rochester
Brown James, canvasser, h. rear 62 Silver
Brown James, clerk, 61½ Broad, h. Brown av. cor. Poplar, W. R.
Brown James, clerk, 131 Tremont, bds. 237 Warren, Rox.
Brown James, cook, died Nov. 12, 1884
Brown James, laborer, bds. 116 Silver
Brown James, machinist, b. 517 Harrison av.
Brown James, master mariner, h. 140 Lexington, E. B.
Brown James, rope maker, h. 436 Bennington
Brown James, teamster, h. 2 Fruit-street court
Brown James, waiter, bds. 28 Tennyson
Brown James (Jones, Marshall & Co.), restaurant, 52 South Market, h. 48 Winthrop, Chsn.
Brown James Mrs. h. 17 Beacon
Brown James A. clerk, h. 3 Berkeley court
Brown James A. nurse, h. 23 Pleasant, Chsn.
Brown James A. tailor, h. 46 Moulton
Brown James B. shoemaker, h. 72 Havre
Brown James C. proof reader h. Waverley Br.
Brown James D. cutter, h. 18 Walnut place
Brown James E. brass polisher bds. 28 Lowell
Brown James E. Joiner, h. 86 Bremen
Brown James E. teamster, bds. 28 I
Brown James E. teamster, bds. 131 Brooks
Brown James F. (Brown & McIntosh), ballast contractor, 188 Commercial, h. Vine, cor. Dudley
Brown James F. (Lewis, Brown, & Co.), 42 Summer, h. at Wellesley
Brown James H. captain, h. 266 Lexington, E. B.
Brown James H. car builder h. 2 Hopkins pl. Mat.
Brown James H. clerk, 79 Bedford, b. at Cambridge
Brown James H. foreman, 55 Sudbury, h. 6 Spring
Brown James H. laborer, 71 Commercial, h. at Woburn
Brown James H. laborer, h. 39 West Sixth
Brown James H. teamster, bds. 327 East Eighth
Brown James I. bookkeeper, 154 State, h. at Melrose Highlands
Brown James J. press feeder bds. 30 Swan
Brown James K. cabinetmaker, h. 98 Bartlett, Chsn.
Brown James L. choreman, h. rear 155 Charles
Brown James O. armorer, h. 10 Tremont, Chsn.
Brown James O. president Brown Quadricycle Co. 521 Washington, bds. 12 Union park
Brown James P. express driver 32 Court sq. h. 102 Wash. Chsn.
Brown James S. carpenter, h. 22 Halleck
Brown James S. h. 23 Irving, rm. 1
Brown James T. machinist, h. 14 Dearborn
Brown James V. clerk, bds. 160 Marginal
Brown James Wentworth (Lewis, Brown, & Co.), 42 Summer, h. at Wellesley
Brown James W. carpenter, h. 4 Bromley park
Brown James W. laborer, h. 17 Woodbury
Brown James W. 67 Summer, h. at Newton Centre
Brown Jane M. widow, h. 95 Brook av.
Brown Jason P. & Co. (Fred E. Brown), produce, 135 Atlantic av. h. 653 East Third
Brown Jeanie P. Miss, music teacher, h. Union Terrace
Brown Jennie, widow, h. 154 Cambridge
Brown Jennie M. Miss, dressmaker, 459 Washington
Brown Jeremiah, painter, h. rear 815 Albany
Brown Jerome, clerk, 8 F. H. sq. bds. 8 Bowdoin
Brown Jesse, carpenter, h. 6 Prescott, Rox.
Brown Jessie Miss, nurse, rms. 10 Boylston place
Brown Joel F. patternmaker, 125 Albany, h. at Melrose
Brown Joel H. 6 Central wharf, h. at Winchester
Brown Joel W. (Burnett & Brown), 22 Bowker, h. at W yoming
Brown John, blacksmith, h. 142 O
Brown John, boarding-house, 3 Revere place
Brown John, brewer, h. 164 Cedar, Rox.
Brown John, carpenter, bds. 31 Oakdale, J. P.
Brown John, currier, h. 104 Warrenton
Brown John, driver at J. R. Downing's, h. 23 Shepard, Br.
Brown John, engineer, bds. 47 Eustis
Brown John, fireman, rms. 4 Ashland place
Brown John, hairdresser, bds. 76 Main
Brown John, laborer, h. 190 Bolton
Brown John, laborer, h. 13 Maverick
Brown John, laborer, h. 215 Endicott
Brown John, laborer, h. 2 Hawkins place
Brown John, laborer, h. 15 Ward, Rox.
Brown John, laborer, h. 2949 Washington
Brown John, laborer, bds. 98 A
Brown John, laborer, bds. 116 Silver
Brown John, mason, bds. 11 Melrose
Brown John, ship carpenter, h. 74 Trenton, E. B.
Brown John, shoemaker, 117 Pleasant, h. 1 Tennyson
Brown John, slater, bds. 6 Albany place
Brown John, stone cutter, h. Washington, near Atherton av. W. R.
Brown John, supt, 33 Bowker, h. at Medford
Brown John, teamster, h. 30 Swan
Brown John, tinsmith, bds. 28 Lowell
Brown John, waiter, rms. 40 Melrose
Brown John, watchmaker, h. 129 Chambers
Brown John, 76 State, rm. 5, h. 50 Temple
Brown John, h. 215 Endicott
Brown John, bds. 110 Kendall
Brown John, jr. carriagemaker, 477 Harrison av. h. at East Dedham
Brown John, jr. machinist, bds. 142 O
Brown John A. dentist, 11 Hamilton pl. h. at Everett
Brown John A. porter, h. 1 Wirth pl.
Brown John A. variety store 1089 Tremont, h. do.
Brown John A. variety store 22 Grove, bds. do.
Brown John A. (Brown & Hall), 312 Dorchester av. bds. 10 Jenkins
Brown John B. patternmaker, h. 29 Auburn, Chsn.
Brown John C. J. 99 Chauncy, h. 80 Moreland
Brown John Emmet, porter, 744 Washington, bds. 4 Wells place
Brown John E. foreman, Mid. R. R. h. 12 Webster, Chsn.
Brown John E. hairdresser, 75 Leverett, h. do.
Brown John E. packer, h. 530 East Seventh
Brown John F. porter, 7 South Market
Brown John F. shipper, h. 26 Vinton
Brown John F. (Brown & Keyes), lawyer, 44 Court, rm. 16, h. Nelson Dor.
Brown John G. conductor, h. 6 Stark, Chsn.
Brown John G. & Co. iron and steel, 69 Purchase, h. at Cambridge
Brown John H. carpenter, h. 121 West Sixth
Brown John H. clerk, 121 Leverett, rms. 5 Allen
Brown John H. hackman, bds. 343 E
Brown John H. lawyer, h. 4 Indiana
Brown John H. negotiator, 42 and 48 Congress, h. at Marblehead
Brown John H. painter, 3 Union Park street, h. 147 Chelsea, Chsn.
Brown John H. stencil cutter 149 Milk, bds. 226 Chelsea, E. B.
Brown John H. 686 Wash. bds. at W. Somerville
Brown John I. & Sons (Atherton T. and G. Frank Brown), manufs. druggists sundries, 185 Summer
Brown John J. 194 Wash. rm. 31, h. at Lexington
Brown John L. clerk, Neponset, bds. 9 Walnut, do.
Brown John Murray (Little, Brown, & Co.), 254 Washington, h. at Belmont
Brown John M. plasterer, h. 18 Oxford
Brown John M. rec. clerk 518 Wash. h. Corbet Dor.
Brown John M. (Brown & Co.), 258 Washington, h. School Dor.
Brown John M. Mrs. h. 23 Elm, Chsn.
Brown John P. lawyer, h. 227 Border
Brown John P. (Woodward & Brown), painos, 175 A Tremont, h. at Salem
Brown John R. manager, 22 Hawley, b. 610 Tremont
Brown John T. agent, h. 34 Winslow
Brown John T. boilermaker, h. 6 Concord av. Chsn.
Brown John T. clerk, F. R. R. bds. 50 Austin, Chsn.
Brown John T. clerk, 50 Shawmut av. h. 47 Ward
Brown John W. clerk, 12 Summer, h. r. 792 Shawmut av.
Brown John W. porter, rms. 82 Phillips
Brown John W. Rev. h. 20 N. Anderson
Brown Jonathan, foreman, 33 Bowker, h. at Medford
Brown Jonathan, 10 Tremont row, h. 129 Chambers
Brown Joseph, clerk, died Jan. 8, 1885
Brown Joseph, hairdresser, 1168 Wash. b. 17 Waltham
Brown Joseph, tinman, C. White's, h. Boylston av. near Green, J. P.
Brown Joseph, wire mill, h. 17 Woodward
Brown Joseph, h. 1038 Washington
Brown Joseph A. stairbuilder, 138 Liverpool, h. 242 Lexington, E. B.
Brown Joseph A. (Brown, Durrell, & Co.), 71 Bedford, bds. Coolidge House
Brown Joseph B. corresponding clerk Mav. Nat. Bank, bds. 18 Ferdinand
Brown Joseph D. carpenter, 147 Court, h. 498 East Eighth
Brown Joseph E. 43 Summer, bds. 48 Green, Chsn.
Brown Joseph E. h. 18 Ferdinand
Brown Joseph E. (Blake Bros. & Co.), 28 State, h. at Brooklyn, N. Y.
Brown Joseph E. & Co. stationers, 873 Wash. h. at Beverly
Brown Joseph H. baker, 99 Prince, 216 Friend, 160 Salem, and 108 Charter, h. 175 Salem
Brown Joseph H. hairdresser, 176 Sumner, h. 41 London, E. B.
Brown Joseph H. letter carrier P. O. b. 190 W. Seventh
Brown Joseph H. roller, h. 15 Bell ct.
Brown Joseph L. clerk, 50 Bromfield, h. at Chelsea
Brown Joseph L. doormaker, 379 Albany, h. 4 Hotel Harrison
Brown Joseph M. salesman, 22 Chauncy, b. at Chelsea
Brown Joseph P. painter, h. 2 Palmer pl.
Brown Joseph S. hairdresser, 6 Washington, h. at Somerville
Brown Joseph T. police station 9, h. 28 Langdon
Brown Joseph T. & Co. (J. T. Brown, jr., C. H. Bassett), druggists, 504 Washington, h. Hotel Berkeley
Brown Joseph T. jr. (J. T. Brown & Co.), 504 Wash. bds. Hotel Berkeley
Brown Joseph W. died April 19, 1885
Brown Josephine M. Mrs. dress and cloak maker 91 Cambridge, h. at Cambridge
Brown Josiah T. salesman, 440 Washington, h. at Malden
Brown Josiah W. real estate 30 Oak, bds. Hotel Creighton
Brown Julia, widow, h. Green wich, Dor.
Brown Justus A. pianomaker, h. 623 E. Fourth
Brown J. upholsterer, 450 Wash. h. at Somerville
Brown J. Adams discount clerk Howard National Bank, 19 Congress, h. Columbia Dor.
Brown J. Appleton artist, 6 Beacon, h. do.
Brown J. B. Mrs. bds. 17 Beacon
Brown J. Edmiston 47 Kilby, h. at Hyde Park
Brown J. Frank bookkeeper, Market Nat. Bank, 86 State, h. at Somerville
Brown J. Frank, gas fitter, 300 Washington
Brown J. G. 69 Purchase, h. at Cambridge
Brown J. Harrison, h. 104 Myrtle
Brown J. Henry, clerk, F. R. R. bds. 57 Monument av. Chsn
Brown J. Henry, supt. Mystic Water Works, Medford, cor. Tufts, h. 3 Tremont, Chsn.
Brown J. Horace, foreman, Diatite Co. 172 Oliver, h. at Somerville
Brown J. Howard, stock broker, 51 State, rm. E, h. 171 W. Newton
Brown J. Hurd, clerk, 233 State, h. 28 Mt. Vernon, Chsn.
Brown J. H. lawyer, 178 Wash. rm. 3, h. 44 Circuit
Brown J. Willard, sub-master Emerson school, h. at W. Medford
Brown Kilburn J. conductor, S. B. R. R. h. 663 East Sixth
Brown K. R. Mrs. h. Hotel Harvard
Brown Laertes F. salesman, h. 59 Anderson
Brown Laura Mrs. h. 15 Woodbury
Brown Laura L. bookkeeper, 26 Washington market, rms. 41 Hammond
Brown Leander C. machinist, 271 Franklin, bds. 59 Hancock
Brown Leander M. (A. D. Brown & Son), cotton buyer, 35 Congress, rm.25, h. at Newburyport
Brown Leroy S. (Blaney, Brown, & Co.), flour, 60 Commerce, h. at North Cambridge
Brown Letitia, widow, h. 88 Chardon
Brown Levi, peddler, h. 13 Stillman
Brown Lewis, tailor, 32 Pleasant, h. 57 do.
Brown Lewis L. cook, h. 4 Sears pl.
Brown Lewis M. clerk, Quincy Hall, h. at Faulkner
Brown Lewis P. bookkeeper, Blackstone National Bank, h. at Malden
Brown Lincoln, clerk, 77 Chauncy, h. at Melrose
Brown Lincoln H. clerk, 337 Wash, b. Hotel Johnson
Brown Lizzie, h. 2 Rochester
Brown Lorenzo E. carpenter, bds. 33 Parker, Chsn.
Brown Louis, rubber worker, h. Boylston, c. Boylston av. J. P.
Brown Louis F. clerk, 82 Chauncy, b. Hotel Lyndeboro'
Brown Louis K. (Brown & Clark), 52 Federal, h. Clapp pl. Dor.
Brown Lueius A. clerk, 119 Milk, h. 7 Rockland, Rox.
Brown Lucy A. widow, bds. 281 Eustis
Brown Lucy H. Miss, city missionary, 19 Congregational House, bds. 111 Salem
Brown Lydia, widow, h. 31 London, E. B.
Brown Lydia S. widow, h. L. M. H. No. 2, E. Canton
Brown L. D. & Son (H. L. Brown), machine silk, 27 Lincoln
Brown L. L. (Brown, Wood, & Kingman), 31 Bedford, h. at Adams
Brown Maggie Mrs. h. 12 Fay
Brown Major, mariner, h. 12 Strong pl.
Brown Marcellus, mason, bds. 19 Edinboro'
Brown Margaret Mrs. h. 30 Anderson
Brown Margaret, widow, h. Allston sq. Allston
Brown Margaret, widow, h. 2 Union pl.
Brown Margaret, h. 517 Harrison av.
Brown Maria A. widow, h. 126 High, Chsn.
Brown Maria C. Miss, 28 School, rm. 44
Brown Maria E. Mrs. dressmaker, 30 West, h. do.
Brown Marian E. Mrs. teacher, Chauney Hall school, h. 41 Rutland sq.
Brown Marshall, clerk, bds. 84 Brooks
Brown Marshall L. physician, Washington, opp. Parsons, Br. h. do.
Brown Martha A. Mrs. h. 109 Warren, Rox.
Brown Mary Mrs. variety store 19 Station, h. do.
Brown Mary Mrs. h. 34 Clark
Brown Mary Mrs. h. 1107 Washington
Brown Mary, widow, h. 79 West Seventh
Brown Mary, widow, h. rear 38 Northampton
Brown Mary, widow, h. 100 Endicott
Brown Mary, widow, h. 87 Tyler
Brown Mary Ann Mrs. h. 301 Havre
Brown Mary A. Mrs. h. 9 Greenough lane
Brown Mary A. Mrs. h. 551 Dudley
Brown Mary A. widow, h. 9 Hampden pl.
Brown Mary A. widow, h. 105 Day
Brown Mary A. widow, h. 115 Albany
Brown Mary E. Mrs. h. 61 Putnam, E. B.
Brown Mary E. widow, bds. 29 Jenkins
Brown Mary H. Mrs. h. 104 Myrtle
Brown Mason L. civil engineer 60 Devonshire, rm. 25, bds. at Chelsea
Brown Maurice F. printer, 117 Franklin, b. 30 Swan
Brown Maybin W. clerk, 146 Devonshire, h. at Hyde Park
Brown McPhail, & Co. (F. G. Brown, C. A. McPhail, W. O. Morck), interior woodworkers, 55 and 57 Beverly
Brown Mehitable C. widow, h. 33 Ferdinand
Brown Melbourn, blacksmith, 99 Richmond, h. 129 N
Brown Merrill J. architect, 68 Devonshire, rm. 34, h. at Newtonville
Brown Michael, hostler, h. 110 East Canton
Brown Michael, engineer, bds. 85 Baxter
Brown Michael, laborer, h. 15 Harvard sq. Chsn.
Brown Michael, ropemaker, bds. 764 East Sixth
Brown Michael, shoemaker, bds. 76 Porter, E. B.
Brown Michael, tailor, h. 151 Tyler
Brown Michael J. gas fitter bds. 2 Draper's lane
Brown Michael J. laborer, bds. 14 Benton
Brown Michael R. h. 35 Grove
Brown Milton P. carpenter, h. 80 Thornton
Brown Morgan, mate, tow boat, h. 12 North Bennet
Brown Moses P. constable, Municipal Court, E. B. h. 176 Webster, do.
Brown Moses P. police station 5, h. 127 Eustis
Brown Moses True, School of Oratory, 31 Cong. House, bds. Hotel Winthrop
Brown Moses W. (Stone & Brown), commission merchant, 56 Summer, bds. at Chelsea
Brown Munroe, laborer, h. rear 16 Camden
Brown Murphy & Co. (A. Brown, P. F. Murphy, J. B. Hart), window shades, 85 Franklin
Brown M. blacksmith, 99 Richmond, h. 129 N
Brown M. A. Mrs. h. 551 Dudley
Brown M. C. Mrs. bds. Waverley House, Chsn.
Brown Nathan, furniture painter, bds. 90 Main
Brown Nathan, wood engraver, 242 Wash. rm. 20, h. at West Medford
Brown Nathan S. fish, 7 Bennet, bds. 671 Shawmut av.
Brown Nathaniel, calker, h. 164 Marginal
Brown Nathaniel, h. 42 Concord sq.
Brown Nehemiah, at Secretary of State's office, State House, h. 72 Chapman
Brown Neil, laborer, bds. 325 Border
Brown Nellie E. teacher, Gibson primary school, bds. Harvard, Dor.
Brown Nelson H. clocks and clock materials 77 Franklin and 80 Arch, h. at Newtonville -See page 1674
Brown Nicholas, cooper. h. 74 Norfolk av.
Brown Nora Mrs. h. 63 West Dedham
Brown N. Huntington inspector, Custom House, h. 630 Dudley
Brown N. P. clerk, 4 Commercial, bds. Waverley House, Chsn.
Brown Olin P. clerk, 47 N. Market, h. at E. Saugus
Brown Oliver Mrs. h. 306 Main
Brown Oliver A. clergyman, h. 209 West Canton
Brown Oliver A. pattermaker, h. 58 Eutaw
Brown Oliver F. bookseller, rms. 255 Shawmut av.
Brown Oran (G. E. Turner & Co.), 159 Court, bds. at Medford
Brown Orlando F. police, B. & A. R. R. h. 33 Lexington, E. B.
Brown Orville H. 98 Kneeland, rms. 10 Oliver pl.
Brown Otis P. trunkmaker, 158 Rutherford av. h. at Somerville
Brown Otis T. salesman, 62 Canal, bds. at Hopkinton
Brown Ottaway, stucco worker, r. 65 Warren and 33 Hawley, h. 3 Newman pl.
Brown O. Q. carpenter, h. 53 Bromley park
Brown Patrick, blacksmith, h. 33 King
Brown Patrick, laborer, h. 28 I
Brown Patrick, mason, h. 15 West Windsor
Brown Patrick, printer, h. 53 Whitney
Brown Patrick, tailor, 34 Province, rms. do.
Brown Patrick H. jeweller, h. 984 Tremont
Brown Patrick S. tailor, 34 Province, h, 286 Bolton
Brown Patrick W. cooper, h. 301 D
Brown Paul, waiter, rms. 98 West Cedar
Brown Paul J. clerk, Joy, cor. Myrtle, bds. 24 Joy
Brown Paul L. clerk, 20 India, b. 8 Claremont park
Brown Peter, mariner, h. 5 Ransom ct.
Brown Peter A. 518 Wash. bds. 28 Berwick park
Brown Peter J. letter carrier P. O. b. 430 E. Eighth
Brown Phebe A. Miss, nurse, h. 24 Wash. Chsn.
Brown Philip, wireworker, 90 Union, bds. 31 Causeway
Brown Philo C. engineer, h. 11 Trenton, Chsn.
Brown Prince Albert, hairdresser, 278 Dor. av. h. do.
Brown Quadricycle Co., Limited, 521 Washington
Brown Ralph, bds. 46 Chandler
Brown Ralph W. clerk, 32 Central wharf, bds. at Chelsea
Brown Reuben P. provisions, 380 Dudley, h. 378 do.
Brown Richard, coachman, h. 35 Dunlow
Brown Richard, laborer, bds. 85 A.
Brown Richard, porter, 23 Pearl, h. 284 W. Third
Brown Richard, porter, 55 Broad, h. 49 Wall
Brown Richard, h. 498 East Eighth
Brown Richard L. crockery peddler h. 56 Newman
Brown Richard S., Custom House, h. Park, n. Martin, W. R.
Brown Riley & Co. (A. L. Brown, W. J. Riley), bankers and brokers, 9 Congress
Brown Robert, cabinetmaker, h. 49 Essex, Chsn.
Brown Robert, engineer, rms. 38 Leverett
Brown Robert, laborer, h. 39 Gates
Brown Robert, teamster, bds. 127 Hudson
Brown Robert, teamster, h. 3 Sewall's ct.
Brown Robert, waiter, rms. 42 Grove
Brown Robert C. hackman, h. 10 Vernon pl. Rox.
Brown Robert H. conductor, M. R. R. bds. Dor. av. opp. Shamrock
Brown Robert H. hairdresser, 125 Causeway, h. 56 W. Dedham
Brown Robert R. cutter, bds. 498 East Eighth
Brown Robert T. lather, box 35 Hawley, h. 476 E. Seventh
Brown Robert T. (Richardson & Brown), stencil cutter, 149 Milk, h. at N. Somerville
Brown Rodney S. teamster, h. 11 Phipps, Chsn.
Brown Rosa, widow, bds. 78 West Newton
Brown Roscoe D. police station 7, h. 213 Trenton, E. B.
Brown Rose, widow, h. 50 Austin, Chsn.
Brown Roswell, rms. 7 Chambers
Brown Royal T. G. bookkeeper, Beacon, c. Somerset, bds. 632 Dudley
Brown Rufus, car builder, S. B. R. R. h. 613 E. Third
Brown Rufus G. restaurant, 603 Wash. h. at Hyde Park
Brown Rufus G. & Co. steam-heating apparatus, 26 Charlestown, h. at Waltham -See page 1560
Brown Sadie M. Miss, saleswoman, 7 Milk, bds. 44 Circuit
Brown Samuel, plumber, bds. 9 Bay
Brown Samuel, printer, h. rear 54 Conant
Brown Samuel A. bookkeeper, 27 South Market, rms. 822 East Fifth
Brown Samuel A. shipper, bds. Merrimac House
Brown Samuel E. engraver, 363 Washington, h. at Cliftondale
Brown Samuel E. police station 2, h. 743 E. B'way
Brown Samuel G. salesman, 215 State, bds. at Lynn
Brown Samuel H. (Ingalls, Brown, & Co.), 133 Summer, h. at Marblehead
Brown Samuel H. h. 11 North av.
Brown Samuel J. architect, 60 Devonshire, rm. 27, h. 3 Clapp pl. Dor.
Brown Samuel N. (Fairbanks, Brown, & Co.). Fairbanks's scales, 83 Milk, h. 119 Commonwealth av.
Brown Samuel W. (Cheppu & Brown), insurance, 27 Congress sq. h. 210 Warren
Brown Sarah Miss, h. L. M. H. No. 3, East Canton
Brown Sarah, h. 607 Tremont
Brown Sarah A. W. widow, h. 629 Tremont
Brown Sarah E. physician, 111 Dartmouth, h. do.
Brown Sarah H. Mrs. h. 143 Mt. Pleasant av.
Brown Sarah M. teacher, Fifth-street primary, b. 12 Gates
Brown Seavey, & Co. (William Seavey, James Emery, jr.), fish, 20 and 34 Commercial wharf
Brown Seth, car driver, h. 2188 Washington
Brown Seth E. died May 1, 1884
Brown Sidney P. law student 23 Court, rm. 68, h. at Waltham
Brown Silver, laborer, h. 8 Lovis
Brown Simeon W. jr. contractor, h. Harvard av. cor. Brighton av. Allston
Brown Simon V. h. Webster av. Allston
Brown Smith, laborer, h. 285 Silver
Brown Spencer R. stevedore, h. 84 Brooks
Brown Steese, & Clarke (G. P. Brown, Edward Steese, Amasa Clarke), wool commission merchants, Milton place
Brown Stephen, paperhanger, bds. 2 Bradford
Brown Stephen E. potter, 146 Condor, h. 33 W. Eagle
Brown Stephen G. salesman, 477 Washington, bds. 18 Indiana pl.
Brown Stephen H. operator, B. & L. R. R. bds. 9 Pevear place
Brown Sumner A. janitor, h. Hotel Helen
Brown Susan Mrs. h. 38 Bennington
Brown Susan E. Miss, bds. Mrs. S. S. Mason's, Ahston
Brown S. Mrs. h. 12 Dartmouth
Brown S. & Co. brokers, 45 North Market
Brown S. Edward boots and shoes 105 Summer, h. at Cliftondale
Brown S. J. Miss, bds. Hotel Berkeley
Brown S. S. Miss, fancy goods, 2711 Washington, h. 143 Mt. Pleasant av.
Brown S. W. Furniture Co. (D. C. Storr, J. W. Sargent, Walter H. Stearns, jr.), 182 Hanover
Brown Tersie A. Mrs. h. 7 Medford ct.
Brown Theodore B. mariner, bds. 613 E. Third
Brown Theodore F. 14 Summer, bds. at Medford
Brown Theodore G. carpenter, 2 Mechanics' block, Waltham, h. 33 Clarendon, rm. 3
Brown Thomas, bookbinder, 117 Franklin, bds. 74 Marginal
Brown Thomas, cabinetmaker, h. 27 Decatur, Chsn.
Brown Thomas, carpenter, h. rear 19 Benton
Brown Thomas, cigars, etc. 132 W. Broadway, h. do.
Brown Thomas, musician, bds. 279 North
Brown Thomas, painter, bds. 237 W. Broadway
Brown Thomas, porter, 47 South, h. at Melrose
Brown Thomas, porter, rms. 45 Piedmont
Brown Thomas, shoemaker, h. 168 W. Fifth
Brown Thomas, h. 15 W. Windsor
Brown Thomas A. framemaker, 72 W. Broadway, bds. 74 do.
Brown Thomas A. laborer, h. 154 Dorchester av.
Brown Thomas C. horse shoer h. 23 Clifton pl.
Brown Thomas F. carpenter, h. 169 W. Eighth
Brown Thomas F. & Co. chamber furniture, 150 Charlestown, h. at Malden
Brown Thomas H. lieut. police station 11, h. 161 Charles
Brown Thomas J., E. B. south ferry, h. 41 Bennington
Brown Thomas N. stone cutter h. 98 Medford, Chsn.
Brown Thomas R. bartender, h. 31 Warwick
Brown Thomas S. carpenter, 84 Chardon. h. at Belmont
Brown Thomas W. president Standard Manuf. Co. 129 Portland, h. at Belmont
Brown Thomas W. shipwright, h. 404 Hanover
Brown Thomas W. teamster, h. r. 111 Everett, E. B.
Brown Thomas W. jr., wholesale liquors, 35 Exchange. h. 1303 Washington
Brown Tobias, clerk, 6 Salem
Brown Tobias, fresco painter, h. Kittredge, n. Albano, W. R.
Brown T. C. hairdresser, rms. 23 Indiana pl.
Brown T. Edward clerk, bds. 48 Winthrop, Chsn.
Brown T. Hassall clerk, 185 Summer, bds. 67 Winthrop
Brown Vesta A. widow, h. 101 Meridian
Brown Viola M. bookkeeper, 19 Charlestown, bds. 18 London, E. B.
Brown Walter, liquors, 100 Portland h. do.
Brown Walter & Co. (Henry T. Brown, Alexander Williams, jr.), wool com. mers. 98 Federal
Brown Walter C. clerk, F. R. R. freight office, h. 1 Osgood ct.
Brown Walter F. supt. at Allandale Spring, h. do.
Brown Walter H. chocolatemaker, h. Bearse av. Dor.
Brown Walter H. chocolatemaker, bds. Sanford, n. Cedar, Dor.
Brown Walter H. clerk, 34 North h. 41 Walker, Chsn.
Brown Walter H. clerk, h. 105 Green
Brown Walter J. watertender, h. 22 Grimes
Brown Walter L. clerk, h. 67 Ruggles
Brown Ward B. chair ornamenter 101 Fulton, h. at Somerville
Brown Warren S. h. 10 Everett, Chsn.
Brown Wentworth M. coal, h. 777 Tremont
Brown Wilber F. bookkeeper, 72 Kilby, h. at Malden
Brown Wilbur C. bookkeeper, bds. Waverley House
Brown Wilbur C. clerk, Quincy Hall, h. at Faulkner
Brown Willard S. clerk, 29 Tremont
Brown William, carpenter, h. 37 Leonard, Dor.
Brown William, clerk, h. 11 Clifton place
Brown William, fresco painter, h. 34 Cabot
Brown William, laborer, h. 6 Scott's ct. Chsn.
Brown William, laborer, h. Winship Br.
Brown William, laborer, bds. 48 Water, Chsn.
Brown William, mariner, h. 84 Clark
Brown William, mason, bds. 15 W. Windsor
Brown William, mason, bds. 323 Tremont
Brown William, plumber, 77 Church, h. at Brookline
Brown William, rigger, h. 226 Chelsea, E. B.
Brown William, seaman, h. 238 Hanover
Brown William, tailer, bds. 190 Harrison av.
Brown William, watchman, h. 51 Monument
Brown William, jr. clerk, bds. 6 Scotts ct. Chsn.
Brown William A. cabinetmaker, b. 357 Chelsea, E. B.
Brown William A. clerk, 35 Congress, bds. at Lynn
Brown William A. driver, S. B. R. R. h. 87 O
Brown William A. rms. 78 Green
Brown William A. (Brown & McDonald), 211 Commercial, bds. 58 North Anderson
Brown William B. billiards, died Oct. 30, 1884
Brown William B. foreman, 12 Marshall, h. at Somerville
Brown William B. treasurer Boston Water Power Co. 87 Milk, rm. 23, h. at Marblehead
Brown William B. vocalist, h. 5 Stevens
Brown William C. calker, b. 61 Ferrin
Brown William C. clerk, 152 Congress, bds. at Auburndale
Brown William D. painter, h. 1300 Washington
Brown William D. printer, 115 Congress, h. at Somerville
Brown William E. furniture finisher bds. r. 430 Hanover
Brown William E. police station 7, h. 134 Bennington
Brown William E. salesman, 659 Washington, bds. 56 W. Cedar
Brown William E. undertaker, 14 Bennington, h. 38 do.
Brown William F. coachman, h. 1466 Washington
Brown William F. foreman, 120 F. Dedham, h. 103 Day
Brown William F. draughtsman, bds. 33 Glenwood
Brown William F. hostler, h. 3 Bowditch court
Brown William F. physlcian, bds. Vine, cor. Dudley
Brown William F. porter, 19 Union, h. 22 Nashua
Brown Willam Henry, painter, h. 4 Palmer pl.
Brown William H. cabinet maker h. 52 S. Russell
Brown William H. carpenter, h. 7. Union pl. E. B.
Brown William H. clerk, 59 State, h. 194 Northampton
Brown William H. clerk, 28 Pearl, bds. 5 Stevens
Brown William H. clerk, bds. 9 Greenough lane
Brown William H. engraver, 433 Washington, h. 92 Devens, Chsn.
Brown William H. freight conductor B. & A. R. R. h. 124 C
Brown William H. furniture polisher h. 2 Barry ct.
Brown William H. hairdresser, 75 Leverett, h. at Malden
Brown William H. laborer, h. 2 Acton
Brown William H. Heutenant police station 14, h. Cambridge, near Union sq. Allston
Brown William H. lieutenant police station 15, h. 12 Wood, Chsn.
Brown William H., Mass. drainage commission, 74 Tremont
Brown William H. plasterer, h. 409 Chelsea, E. B.
Brown William H. plumber, h. 23 Irving
Brown William H. salesman, 477 Wash. h. at Concord
Brown William H. secretary Balance Valve Water Meter Co. 131 Devonshire, h. at Cambridge
Brown William H. jr. bookkeeper, b. 12 Wood, Chsn.
Brown William H. F. salesman, 450 Washington, bds. at Everett
Brown William H. H. salesman, 36 Chauncy, h. Union sq. Allston
Brown William J. ornamenter, h. 35 Border
Brown William J. Mrs. variety store 645 Saratoga, h. do.
Brown William L. clerk, 33 Summer, bds. 604 Tremont
Brown William L. clerk, 287 Tremont, rms. 14 Ferdinand
Brown William M. clerk, 15 Chauncy, b. 279 Bowen
Brown William M. jr. civil engineer 74 Tremont, bds. 18 E. Chester park
Brown William N. salesman, 450 Wash. bds. 232 W. Canton
Brown William R. boiler maker bds. 31 Rochester
Brown William R. carpenter, h. Dickens Dor.
Brown William R. laborer, h. 14 Anderson
Brown William S. clerk, 260 Washington, bds. 36 Montgomery
Brown William S. mechanical engineer 79 Milk, rm. 20, h. 279 Bowen
Brown William S. painter, bds. 72 Chapman
Brown William S. paymaster, 163 Hampden, h. 95 Brook av.
Brown William W. clerk, 135 Wash. bds. 129 N
Brown William W. mariner, h. 15 Jerome pl.
Brown William W. upholsterer, bds. 623 E. Fourth
Brown Williamina Mrs. physician, h. 53 A Quincy, Rox.
Brown Winthrop, clerk, 24 Congress, h. at Belmont
Brown Wood, & Kingman (L. L. Brown, W. B. Wood, A. W., T. S., and B. E. Kingman, W. L. Brown), dry-goods commission, 31 Bedford
Brown W. F. & Co. (S. J. Parkhill), printers, 218 Franklin, h. at Cambridgeport
Brown W. L. (Brown, Wood, & Kingman), 31 Bedford, h. at North Adams
Brown W. V. clerk, P. O.
Brown Zenas R. carpenter, h. 41 Hammond
Brown & Alger (A. R. Brown, E. A. Alger), lawyers, 23 Court, rms. 14 and 15
Brown & Burton (F. H. Brown, S. P. Burton, jr.), grain commission merchants, 4 Central
Brown & Clark (Louis K. Brown, J. C. Clark), printers, 52 Federal
Brown & Comey (F. C. Brown, J. H. Comey), merchant tailors, 433 Washington
Brown & Co. (J. M. Brown), job printers, 258 Wash.
Brown & Griffiths (Henry Brown, William R. Griffiths), millinery goods, 156 A Tremont
Brown & Hall (John A. Brown, George L. Hall), blacksmiths and wheelwrights, 312 Dorchester av. -See page 1626
Brown & Keyes (J. F. Brown, Prescott Keyes), lawyers, 44 Court, rm. 16
Brown & McDonald (W. A. Brown, J. E. McDonald), clothes cleaners, 211 Commercial

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