Brown's in the 1910 Annapolis, MD City Directory

Source: Archives of Maryland online

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* are those of colored persons or firms.

Brown Bros., oyster packers and crab dealers, Compromise and Chestnut sis.
*Brown, Alexander, laborer, res. 7 Morris st.
*Brown, Anthony, waiter, res. 60 Calvert st.
Brown, Archie, sailor, res. 120 Dock st.
Brown, Arthur N., Professor, res. 44 State circle.
*Brown, Ashmun, laborer, res. 39 Franklin st.
Brown, A. W., livery, res. 3 Dean' st.
*Brown, Ben, oysterman, res. 71 Northwest st.
Brown, Benjamin, plasterer, res. 490 Chesapeake ave., Eastport.
Brown, B. Herbert, clerk, res. 115 Conduit st.
*Brown, Charles, barber, res. 5 Morris st.
*Brown, Charles, waiter, res. 5 Washington st.
Brown, Charles M., painter, res. 115 Charles st.
*Brown, Charles O., cook, res...151 South st.
*Brown, Clarence, waiter, res. 13 Shaw st.
Brown, Clarence, agent Prudential Ins. Co., res. 60 Conduit st.
Brown, Cooper, butcher, res. 72 Maryland ave.
*Brown, Daniel, contractor, res. 32 Clay st.
*Brown, Daniel S., restaurant, 32 West st., res. same.
*Brown, E. C., cook, res. 10 College ave.
*Brown, Elisha, driver, res. Feldmeyer Hats.
*Brown, Emily, res., 43 Cathedral st.
Brown, Fred, oysterman, res. 89 Prince George st.
*Brown, Fred X., painter, res. 51 Carroll alley.
*Brown, George, oysterman, res. 25 Acton lane.
*Brown, George W., oysterman, res. 176 Lincoln place.
*Brown, George W., barber, 22 Washington st., res. same.
Brown, Helen, musician, res. 86 Prince George st.
Brown, Howard B., fireman, res. 149 Prince George st.
Brown, James A., oysterman, res. 178 4th st., Easlport.
*Brown, John, laborer, res. 7 Feldmeyer court.
*Brown, John, oysterman, res. Baers court.
*Brown, John, laborer, res. 49 Carroll alley.
Brown, John E., sail maker, res. 149 Prince George st.
*Brown, John H., oysterman, res. 57 Acton lane.
Brown, John H., carpenter, res. 73 Prince George st.
Brown, John M., electrician, res. 115 Charles st.
"Brown, Joseph, waiter, res. 82 East st.
Brown, Joseph, oyster pucker, res. 148 Prince George st.
Brown, Joseph A., plumber and gas fitter, res. 117 West st.
Brown. Joseph H., oyster packer and crab dealer, Compromise st. res. 48 Prince George st.
*Brown, Lizzie, laundress, res. 25 Acton lane.
*Brown, Lloyd, waiter, res. 27 Northwest st.
*Blown, Martha, servant, res. 5 Morris st.
*Brown, Mary, servant, res. O'Brien alley.
*Brown, Mary, servant, res. 83 Calvert st.
*Brown, Nelson, sailor, res. 76 Clay st.
*Brown, Richard, laborer, res. 83 Calvert st.
*Brown, Richard, waiter, res. 1125 Market st.
*Brown, Richard, laborer, res. 33 Acton lane.
*Brown, Robert, whitewasher, res. 60 Calvert st.
Brown, Roland W., oysterman, res. 281 Severn ave., Eastport.
*Brown, Samuel, waiter, res. 14 Fleet st.
*Brown, Samuel, oysterman, res. 14 O'Brien alley.
*Brown, Selman, messenger, res. 7 Morris st.
*Brown, Susanna, servant, res. 16 O'Brien alley.
Brown, S. J.. Prof. U. S. N., res. 5 Sampson row, Naval Academy.
Brown, T. Roland, marble mill granite dealer, 77-79 Maryland ave., res. 97 Prince George st.
Brown, T. T., crab and oysterman, res. 97 Prince George st.
Brown, T. T., Jr., pool parlor, 108 East st.. res. 149 P. George st.
Brown, Travis, pool room, res...140 Prince George st.
*Brown, Virginia, servant, res. 37 Northwest st.
"Brown, William, laborer, res. West st., Germantown.
Brown, William, sailor, res. 10 Holland st.
Brown, William, boat builder, res. 89 Prince George st.
Brown, W. C., bookkeeper, res. 94 East st.
*Brown, William, oyster shucker, res. 199 West st.
*Brown, William IT., laborer, West st., Germantown.
*Brown, William H., oystennan, res. 273 Hanover st.
*Brown, W. H., waiter, res., 118 Calvert st.
Brown, W. R., laundryman, res. 86 Prince George st.

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