Brown's in the 1916 Elmira, NY City Directory

Source: Tri Counties Genealogy & History Used by {Permision)

Brown A C, lab, res 407 Railroad ave
Brown Adele S, wid Charles W M, h 311 Baldwin
Brown Adeline, housekeeper 508 Perry, res do
Brown Agnes M emp Campbell Knitting Mill, res 705 E Fifth
Brown Albert A, emp Willys – Morrow Co, h 705 E Fifth
Brown Albert L, café 414 E Water, h do
Brown Albert M, carp, h 1125 Ovid
Brown Albert R, died May, 1917
Brown Albert W, storekeeper N Y S Reformatory, h 239 Kingsbury ave
Brown Alletta B, wid Nelson, res 500 Oak
Brown Alton M, lab, h 503 Sullivan
Brown Andrew G, emp K V Co, res 710 E Fifth
Brown Andrew J, res 367 W Gray
Brown Anna Mrs. Teacher china painting 239 Kingsbury ave, h do
Brown Archie, emp Willys – Morrow Co, res 215 Vine
Brown Archie E, mason, h 312 Spruce
Brown Arthur L, emp Willys – Morrow Co, h 805 Collin
Brown Asa C, fireman 926 Stowell, h 101 Front
Brown Augusta B Mrs, res Southport Corners
Brown Bert, lab h 415 ½ Madison ave
Brown Bert P, emp Willys – Morrow Co, h 226 E LaFrance
Brown Burt, pipe fitter, rms 312 ½ W Hudson
BROWN C F & CO, (Charles F and Johanna M) grocers 700 German
Brown Caroline H, drawing supervisor city schools, rms 214 College ave
Brown Catherine, emp C & K Laundry res 314 Orchard
Brown Catherine, wid John, h 705 E Fifth
Brown Catherine S, res 423 E Washington ave
Brown Charles, driver res 403 Madison ave
Brown Charles E, lab, h 228 Chestnut
Brown Charles E, bar clerk 106 Lake, rms 450 Carroll
BROWN CHARLES F, (Charles F Brown & Co) 700 German, h do
Brown Charles L, emp Kertscher & Co, h 1107 Oak
Brown Charles W, waiter 600 Baldwin, res 604 do
Brown Clarence G, foreman A S B Co, h 808 W Church
Brown Clarence J, lab, res 821 E Second
Brown Clarence M, carp h Hendy ave bey limits
Brown Clarence W, emp A L F E Co, h 157 Orchard
Brown Claude carp, h 565 Thompson
Brown Clayton, fireman T Briggs & Co, res 314 Orchard
Brown Clayton O, machinist res 710 E Fifth
Brown Clinton M, clerk Murphy’s Cigar Store, h 410 Walnut
Brown Cordelia M, wid Belcher A, res 1112 Lake
Brown Daisy, emp W I Booth, res 128 Cleveland ave
Brown Daniel, lab h 316 E Washington ave
Brown Daniel J, yard clerk Erie R R, rms 151 W Clinton
Brown Dorothy, res 722 W Third
Brown Edna M, bkkpr J P & M Sullivan, res 1013 Lake
Brown Edward H, bkkpr, h 357 Norton
Brown Edward H Mrs, dressmaker, res 357 Norton
Brown Edward J, emp L V R R freight, h 714 German
Brown Elcena, domestic 530 W Water, res do
Brown Elizabeth, wid Frank L, h 1004 Oak
Brown Ella E, wid Herman, res 584 Post
BROWN ELSIE A B, asst to supt of schools, office City Hall, res 311 Baldwin
Brown Emma, emp Hotel Rathbun, res 608 Dickinson
Brown Ernest F, emp Willys – Morrow Co, h 512 W First
Brown Esther Mrs, emp Frasier Hotel, bds do
Brown Ethel Mrs, res 169 Dewitt ave
Brown Ethel L clerk 106 N Main, rms 369 W Fourth
Brown Eunice, emp F M Howell & Co, res 129 E Chemung place
Brown Fletcher H, emp Kertscher & Co, h 906 Walnut
Brown Frances, emp W H Ralyea & Co, res 1054 N Main
Brown Frances M, clerk Sheehan, Dean & Co, res 315 W Fifth
Brown & Ford (Frank E Brown and William Ford) cabinetmakers 207 S Main
Brown Frank, switchman D L & W R R, bds 366 Diven ave
Brown Frank, emp A L F E Co, h 1054 N Main
Brown Frank A, guard N S Reformatory, h 244 Crete ave
Brown Frank E, (Brown & Ford) 207 S Main, h 405 Jefferson
Brown Frank E chauffeur N Y Tel Co, h 822 Lincoln
Brown Frank E jr, removed from city
Brown Frank J, switchman Erie R R, bds 760 Jay
Brown Frank L, patrolman police dept, bds 1004 Oak
Brown Fred, res 1053 Admiral place
Brown Fred W, emp Elmira Motor Sales Co, res 512 High
Brown Frederick, clerk, rms 421 W Third
Brown George, lab, res 608 Dickinson
Brown George, carp, h 804 W Church
Brown George R, died November, 1916
Brown George R, machinist A L F E Co, bds 406 W First
Brown Guy P, painter, bds 621 Lake
Brown Harold C, emp Willys – Morrow Co, bds 914 Penna ave
Brown Harriet, wid John L, milliner, h 140 E Chemung place
Brown Harry J, emp Willys – Morrow Co, rms 825 E Second
Brown Harry G, emp Willys – Morrow Co, res 710 E Fifth
Brown Heaxt, wid Charles H, h 821 E Second
Brown Henry emp Thatcher Mfg Co, res 657 Pearl place
Brown Henry janitor Hulett bldg, bds 621 Baldwin
Brown Henry E, emp Willys – Morrow Co h 102 Rose place
Brown Henry L, tallyman P R R freight, h 1053 Admiral place
Brown Ina, emp F M Howell & Co, res 129 E Chemung place
Brown James A, porter Hotel Rathbun, bds 307 E Clinton
Brown James H, lab, res 821 E Second
Brown James H, died June 1917
Brown James T, died April 1917
Brown Jessie Mrs, café 600 Baldwin, h do
Brown, Johanna, housekeeper 235 Lake, res do
BROWN JOHANNA M, (Mrs. Charles F) grocer 700 German, h do
Brown John, emp W E Woodbury, h 128 Cleveland ave
Brown John, emp 615 Baldwin, res do
Brown John, died June 1917
Brown John B, emp Losie Bros, res 700 German
Brown John B, clerk 325 E Water, h 128 Cleveland ave
Brown John C, h 700 E Market
Brown John F, motorman E W L & R R Co, h 767 Erie
Brown John F, cook 158 Lake, res 700 E Market
Brown John H, machinist D L & W R R , h 517 W First
Brown John W, clerk Campbell Knitting Mill, h 957 N Main
Brown Joseph E, draftsman American Bridge Co, h 533 W Gray
Brown Joseph H, gate tender Erie R R, h 315 W Sixth
Brown Joseph K, condr Erie R R h 104 E Hudson
Brown L Herbert, toolmaker A L F E Co, h 451 Cypress
Brown Laura, emp L M Bridgman Co, res 228 Chestnut
Brown Lawrence H, plumber 112 Lake, res 710 E Fifth
Brown Leo F, emp Willys – Morrow Co, res 416 Perry
BROWN LEROY E, saloon and bottling works 209 ½ W Water, h 358 W Third
Brown Leslie, teacher, res 830 W Gray
Brown Lillian, res 712 Erie
Brown Lillian, nurse 625 W Church, res do
Brown Louis, emp Willys – Morrow Co, res 325 W Seventh
Brown Louis, janitor Federation bldg, h 711 Benjamin
Brown Mabel, student, res 830 W Church
Brown Margaret Mrs, died April 1917
Brown Margaret, wid Thaddeus, res 110 College ave
Brown Margaret A, stenogr, res 804 W Church
Brown Martha Mrs, milliner 318 S Main, res Wellsburg, N Y
Brown Mary Mrs, h 721 Dickinson
Brown Mary Mrs, h 52 Monroe
Brown Mary E, wid Samuel res 507 Herrick
Brown Mary E, massage, res 805 Johnson
Brown Mary F, clerk Sheehan, Dean & Co, bds 315 W Sixth
Brown Mary G, B A, BLS, instr in Italian Elmira College, res 365 W Fourth
Brown Mary J, emp Campbell Knitting Mill, res 705 E Fifth
Brown Melissa Mrs bds Home for Aged
Brown Michael S, com trav, h 423 E Washington ave
Brown Mildred Mrs, h 517 Gradwell place
Brown Minnie, bds 129 E Chemung place
Brown Minnie, wid Harry, h 710 E Fifth
Brown Naomi P, wid Charles, h 256 South ave
Brown Nellie, maid 1190 Maple ave res do
Brown Nina Mrs, dressmaker, res 470 W First
Brown Nina R, res 1004 Oak
Brown Olie, painter, bds 151 Dewitt ave
Brown Olive M, emp Henry Sayles, res 906 Walnut
Brown Orson, emp Willys – Morrow Co, h 408 Madison ave
Brown Oscar M, janitor, h 805 Johnson
Brown Oscar M, clerk C M & R Tompkins, h 830 W Church
Brown Ray, woodworker Kertscher & Co, h 416 Mathew
Brown Ray H, mason, rms 125 S Main
Brown Raymond S, emp LaFrance Garage Co, res 54 Orchard
Brown Reuben L, emp A S B Co, h 1000 N Main
Brown Richard D, lab, res 316 E Washington ave
Brown Robert C, student, res 311 Baldwin
Brown Robert M, teamster, res 269 W Chemung place
Brown Roselma D, wid Benjamin F, h 365 W Fourth
Brown Ruth M, forelady L M Bridgman Co res 405 Jefferson
Brown Ruth W, student res 533 W Gray
Brown S L, lab rms 160 Baldwin
Brown Samuel L, emp T Briggs & Co, h 54 Orchard
Brown Sarah Mrs, bds Home for Aged
Brown Sarah, wid Dewitt C, h 553 E Water
BROWN STELLA M, public health nurse 425 E Market, h 1166 W Water
Brown Stella R, wid George R, h 417 Euclid ave
Brown Thomas salesman h 163 Washington
Brown Thomas A, chauffeur, h 1002 Oak
BROWN THURBER A, asst and acting city engineer, office City Hall, rms 416 E Church
Brown Thornton, emp Willys – Morrow co, res 201 Cusick place
Brown Ulila A, stenogr Field Force Pump Co, res 357 Norton
Brown Unis bds 129 E Chemung place
Brown Walter E metal worker Barker, Rose & Clinton co, h 204 Harmon
Brown Water R emp Willys – Morrow co, h 226 E LaFrance
Brown William, janitor Elmira College, h 325 W Seventh
Brown William, lab bds 712 Erie
Brown William, café 600 Baldwin, h 604 do
Brown William, emp A L F E Co, bds 400 Penna Ave
Brown William, inspr Willys – Morrow Co, h 153 ½ Washington ave
Brown William A, carp, h 520 Logan
Brown William B, emp 154 E Fifth res Detention Hospital
Brown William H, emp A L F E Co, rms 105 W LaFrance
Brown William N, emp D L & W R R, h 1013 Lake
Brown Willis W, printer A S B Co bds 219 South ave
Brown Wirt E, emp Willys – Morrow Co, h 402 Madison ave

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