Brown's in the
1856 Cambridge Directory and Almanic

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Abbreviations used:
b - business in Boston, h - House, n - near, cor - Corner of, op - opposite, bds - boards, L.P. - Lower Port , Cal. - California

Brown, Allen, b. (Wellington &) produce dealer, 116 Blackstone, h. Columbi cor Broadway
Brown, Anthony E., barber, bds Third cor Cambridge
Brown, A. Z. physician, h Webster
Brown, Avery, carpenter, h rear 397 Main
Brown, Bernard, rope maker, bds Elm
Brown, Benjamin A. b h Main
Brown, Catherine, washer women, h Garden
Brown, Charles, blacksmith, bds Mrs. Roberts
Brown, Charles, stone cutter, bds Mrs. Darling
Brown, Daniel, wheelwright, Palmer, h. Appian Way
Brown, Daniel G., b. tobacco dealer, h Norfolk
Brown, Daniel L., real estate broker, b 39 Courtm h Brattle cor Irving Place
Brown, Edward, cigar maker, h. 14 Pine
Brown, Francis, teanstre, h Bristol
Brown, James, laborer, h South
Brown, James P., b (Little, Brown & Co.) bookseller, 112 Washington, h Putnam n Mt. Auburn
Brown, John P. Jr., pyroyechnist, h Third n Vine
Brown, John bds 57 Cambridge
Brown, Jahn T., laborer, j. Columbia n Hampshire
Brown, Joseph, starch manufacyurer, bds 1 State
Brown, Joseph P. pyrotechnist, h Third
Brown, Lewis, butcher, h. Amory n Hampshire
Brown, Margaret Mrs. h. North Avenue
Brown, Mary Miss, h Winthrop n Winthrop Square
Brown, N. P. painter, bds Western Avenue cor Quincy, Ward Two
Brown, Rebecca Mrs. h 319 Main
Brown, Robert, teamster, h Main L P
Brown, Robert C. blacksmith, Main h Pioneer
Brown, Samuel H. b daguerreotyper, 21 Hanover, h 4 Harrison Avenue
Brown, Stephen, real estate agent, 338 Main, h 37 Franklin
Brown, William, real estate agent, Harbard Square cor Dunster h 3 Bow
Brown, William, laborer, h Mt. Auburn

Brown's in the
Roxbury 1852 City Directory

Sr. street; pl. place; sq. square; l. lane; n. near; r. rear; opp. opposite; c. or cr. corner; b. or bds. boards; h. house (B.) Boston

Brown Abigail, widow of jesse, house 40 Washington
Brown Asa, boot maker, Wash. opp Norfolk House, h. do.
Brown Catharine Mrs. widow, house Proctor, cor. Adams
Brown Charles, Morocca dresser, house Rockingham place
Brown Chester, carpenter, house 11 Warren
Brown Daniel, at C. Whitney's, boards as A. Brown's
Brown Daniel J. carpenter, Piedment (B.), house Highland pl.
Brown Dexter, carrier, boards mear 11 Washington
Brown Ebenezer L. varnish maker, house 10 Davis, near East
Brown Elijah S. 111 Washington, boards at S. Wiswall's
Brown Francis D. truckman, house Webber
Brown George A. 6 Milk (B.), house Cedar
Brown George 1st, merchant, 61 Kilby (B.), boards at Mary Fairbanks's
Brown George W. book keeper (B.), boards 24 Clift
Brown Henry leather dresser, boards Williams
Brown Henry lithographer (B.), house 38 Washington
Brown James, currier, boards Washington, near Lindon Park
Brown James F. house Cedar, near Copeland
Brown John A. book keeper, boards 24 Clift
Brown Jahn E. veterinary surgion, house Norfolk avenue, n. Dorchester line
Brown John P. hardware, 2 Guild's building, b. at Ionic Hall
Brown Joseph, mason, house 24 Clift
Brown Joseph D. mason, house 4 Clift
Brown Nathan, carpenter, house Highland place
Brown Patrick, laborer, house High
Brown Sarah H. widow, house 59 Elm, near East

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