Essex, Essex County, MA
Vital Records to 1850 Deaths (Brown Surname)

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Adaline Mears, d. Levi and Susan, bp. May 9, 1830. c. R.
Maria F., d. Nathan S., mariner, and Lucy B., Nov. 29, 1846.
Nathan Henry, s. Nathan, laborer, b. Manchester, and Lucy, b. Gloucester, July 6, 1849.
____. ch. Levi and Susan M., bp. -, 1827. C.R.

Benjamin, of Ipswich, and Atarah Andrews, June 10, 1822. C.R.*
Daniel, of the Hamlet, and Ruth Story, at the Hamlet, Apr. 19, 1772,
Ephraim, of Ipswich, and Lucy Story, int. Feb. 19. 1820.
James, and Martha [L. int.] Andrews [int. Feb. 26, 1831].*
Levi, of Ipswich, and Susan Mears, May 31, 1826.*
Lydia, and Franklin Andrews, May 19, 1836. C.R.*
Nathan, a. 28y., fisherman, s. James and Sarah, and Lucy Burnham, a. 22y., b. Gloucester, d. Abel and Esther, of Gloucester, Feb. 14, 1846.*
Sally, and Caleb Andrews, jr. [int. Nov. 3, 1827].*
Sally, of Ipswich, and Nathan Burnham, jr., int. Jul 14, 1834.

Nathan, m., b. Manchester, s. James and Sally, kidney disease, Dec. 1, 1849, a. 3y. 4m. 3d. [sic] [a. 35y. C.R.; a. 32y. G.R. 1.]
Thankful, w. Charles, July 4, 1839, a. 40y. G.R.1.
Thankful Low, July 11, 1838, a. 35y. C.R.
_____, d. ___ __, Feb. 28, 1838, a. 13y. C.R.

Vital Records Of Essex, Massachusetts to the year 1849 Published By the Salem Institute 1908

C.R. = Congregational Church Records
G.R.1 = Gravestone record, Old burial Ground
G.R.2 = Gravestone record, New Cemetery

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