Hardwick, MA
Vital Records to 1850 (Brown Surname)


Bathsheba Warner, d. of Luke and Bathsheba, Sept. 9, 1801.
Elizabeth Follet, d. of Luke and Bathsheba, June 5, 1806.
Harriot Warner, d. of Luke and Bathsheba, Nov. 21, 1803.
Juliann, d. of Esek and Anna, Mar. 10, 181-.
Mary Brimmer, d. of Luke and Bathsheba, July 6, 1799.
Mercy, d. of Franklin and Sophronia Sanderson, Nov. 1, 1843.


Alexander of Ashford, Conn., and Sarah Brown, int. Apr. 24, 1826.
Betsey and Vincent Newland, Sept. 6, 1820.
Celia of Ware, and John Aiken, int. Jan. 17, 1814.
Charles P. of West Woodstock, Conn., s. of Clark and Sarah, formerly of Grafton, a. 26 y., and Melissa Sloan, d. of Willard and Alma W., a. 27 y., Oct. 24, 1849.
David W. and Abigail Sloane, both of Grafton, Oct. 19, 1834.*
Deborah of Enfield, and Marcus Robinson, Mar. 25, 1822.
Esek and Ana Waters, int. Apr. 2, 1809.
Harvey of Ware, and Sally Bolster, Sept. 27, 1826.
Irene and Nathaniel Topliff of Greenwich, Jan. 23, 1833.
Lorin of Fitchburg, s. of Francis of Acworth, N. H., and Lucinda, b. in Marlow, N. H., a. 27 y., and Harriet E. Knowles, d. of Simeon and Lucetta, a. 23 y., Oct. 1, 1844.
Lucy and Hiram Newland, Mar. 30, 1831.
Luke Jr. and Mary Adams, both of Worcester, Jan. 26, 1769.*
Luke and Bathsheba Warner, June 8, 1798.
Mercy of Western, and Lieut. William Walker, int. Jan. 16, 1830.
Moses 2d of Ware, and Mercy Paige, Dec. 10, 1807.
S. Osborne of Fitchburg, s, of Francis and Lucinda, a. 22 y., and Harriet K. Whipple, d. of Moses and Harriet, a. 21 y., May 1, 1845.
Sabrina and Daniel S. Convers, int. Jan. 23, 1826.
Sally of Worcester, and John White, int. Dec. 26, 1784.
Sarah and Alexander Brown of Ashford, Conn., int. Apr. 24, 1826.


----------, wid. of Murray, Aug. 7, 1837, a. 60 y.
Harriet H., w. of Osborne (Harriet K. W., w. of S. Osborne), and d. of Moses and Harriet Whipple, b. in Worcester, Sept. 18, 1847, a. 23 y.
Lucy, d. of Francis and-----------, Oct. 1, 1842, a. 3 y. Whooping cough.

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